10 Best East Coast Surf Spots

With the Atlantic Ocean producing some of the world’s most famous waves, these are the top ten best East Coast surf spots. On any normal day when a hurricane isn’t out stirring up the surf, you’ll find surfer’s populating these beaches catching some of the best waves in North America.

  1. Montauk, NY. Strategically located at the tip of the South Fork peninsula in the Hamptons, the sand less reef waves provide the best barrels in the mid-Atlantic. With conditions that constantly change, this surf spot is most commonly known for its long-board breaks. Montauk is known worldwide for being one of the best East Coast surf spots.
  2. Manasquan Inlet, NJ. Forget the fist pumping and jump on the swell pumping. New Jersey’s Manasquan Inlet has some of the best surfing spots on the East Coast. As New Jersey’s reputation promises, if you expect a quiet beach with no line up wait, prepared to be disappointed.
  3. Ruggles, RI. Rhode Island has a fairly exposed reef and point breaks that provide consistent surf. Add conditions like a weakened tropical storm and be prepared for some of the biggest swells with the best form the East Coast has ever seen. With quite a large local surfing community, this makes  Ruggles one of the best East Coast surf spots.
  4. Rye on the Rocks, NH. Rye on the Rocks tends to receive a mix of ground swells and wind swells with an optimum swell angle. Don’t forget to eat your clam chowder before you head out because the water is extremely cold year round. However, this break lives up to its name, so beware of major rocks when bailing out of a wave. When the surf is good, it get’s crowded making this one of the best surf spots on the East Coast.
  5. Point Judith, RI. With a rocky point break, Point Judith provides surfers with a diverse array of wave types, ranging from long, lazy rollers to heavy, hollow barrels. Surfing has been a huge part to Rhode Island’s rich coast line since the 1950’s, making this break one of the best  on the East Coast.
  6. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC. With the lighthouse being the tallest in the nation and one of the most famous symbols of North Carolina, it puts off one of the best breaks on the East Coast.  Enjoying a unique surfing experience with the lighthouse in the back drop is sure to be more then memorable.
  7. S Turns, NC. At the southern end of Pea Island on the cape, the road S-turns several hundred yards parallel to an extremely powerful trusting beach break.  S Turn’s has a perfect hollow barrel that is sure to attract any surfer’s attention. Its unique name has made it one of the best surf spots on the East Coast.
  8. Folly Beach Washout, SC. Although this beach isn’t known for its wave size, the washout serves to increase any wave that breaks on this shore. With Charleston close by, the tourist population alone makes this beach one of the best surfing spots on the East Coast.
  9. Reef Road, FL. Like most Florida beaches, this one lacks consistency. However, when the swell hits be sure to grab the best duck diving board and prepare for some of the best breaks of your life. Located in the Palm Beach community, be sure to enjoy the palm trees and live music after paddling out.
  10. Sebastian Inlet, FL. Home to nine time National Surfing Title holder, Kelly Slater, and me, the inlet provides a variety of waves. From the push off the jetty to the swell off the reef, there’s always a wave to catch. This is visibly not only one of the best surfing spot on the East Coast, but also in the world.
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