10 Best East Coast Surfing Locations

The ten best East Coast surfing locations are spread throughout the Atlantic states, where they are accessible to anyone living in various regions in the Eastern United States. Listed below are some of the top surf spots in the East, which make for great weekend getaways or close-to-home surfing at any time.

  1. Montauk, NY. Montauk is located at the end of Long Island, and it is undoubtedly among the top spots for surfing in the East. This should be the go-to spot for anyone living in and around the city that has the time to travel a few hours for some quality surfing.
  2. Cape Hatteras, NC. Located on Hatteras Island of the North Carolina's Outer Banks, Cape Hatteras is a point on the island where the land bends to a point, and waves hit it from all angles. This is a great surfing getaway location for those living in the mid-South.
  3. Manasquan, NJ. Another great spot near NYC, Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey is a great place for anyone living in the state. It has the best waves that New Jersey has to offer, and it is most closer than Long Island for NJ residents.
  4. Satellite Beach, FL. A great surfing location in Florida, Satellite Beach is found about halfway down the states Atlantic Coastline. This is a great spot for anyone living in and around Central FL.
  5. Flagler Beach, FL. Located in Northern Florida, Flagler Beach is a perfect Southeastern surfing location for spring and fall. On windier days when it blows from the south or east, the waves are perfect.
  6. Newport, RI. Anyone living in the smallest state should check out the waves around Newport. Residents of Providence or anywhere else in Rhode Island, or even those living in neighboring states should visit this coastal town every once in a while to experience some of the best surfing north of Long Island.
  7. Salisbury Beach, MA. One of Massachusetts' finest surfing towns, Salisbury Beach has some of the best swells in the Northeast. The Beantown crowd should certainly not overlook this spot when searching for the best local surfing available.
  8. Hampton Beach, NH. Great surfing is found in this New Hampshire coastal settlement year round. The beaches are packed in the summer, but the colder months often have some of the best swells. Be sure to bring a wets uit in the off season.
  9. Virginia Beach, VA. The coastal parts of this city in Southeastern Virginia are great for surfing. Try coming here in the fall for some of the best waves, and smaller crowds.
  10. Bull Island, SC. Home to some of the best surfing in South Carolina, Bull Island sticks out into the Atlantic, where it is surrounded by water and winds. This is a top Southeast surfing spot any time of year, as great waves can always be expected.

The above ten best East Coast surfing locations are spread up and down the Atlantic coastline of the U.S., and people living anywhere in the region should have easy access to them. If looking for the perfect spot close to home, try out one of these, and likely, you will be hooked.

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