10 Best Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

For people who don't want to spend a lot of time coming up with costume for Halloween, these are the 10 best easy Halloween costume ideas. These Halloween costumes are easy to put together, so you won't need much time, money or effort to wear an awesome Halloween costume. Here are the ten easiest Halloween costume ideas to consider this holiday.

  1. Cowboy This Halloween costume idea may not even require any purchases. Simply wear a pair of jeans, a western-style shirt, and a cowboy hat and boots and you're ready to go!
  2. Nerd A nerd is one of the easiest Halloween costume ideas. Think about wearing high-riding pants, a button-down shirt with a pocket protector, a bow tie and large glasses held together with tape.
  3. Hippie A hippie costume is one of the easiest Halloween costume ideas and it's quite popular, too. Try wearing bell bottoms, a tie-dye shirt, a long-haired wig (if your hair is short) and some sort of fringe (vests work well).
  4. Pirate Wear a bandana, an eye patch, ripped jeans or pants. Be sure to talk in pirate-speak!
  5. Tourist Try wearing a Hawaiian shirt, large-brimmed hat and khaki shorts. Be even more creative by carrying a bag filled with maps and souvenirs, too.
  6. Cat or dog Animal costumes are some of the easiest Halloween costume ideas. Simply wear one color (add stripes or spots if you'd like), wear a pair of animal ears and a tail, and draw animal facial features on with makeup.
  7. Artist An artist is one of the easiest Halloween costume ideas that isn't overdone. Dress in clothes covered in dried paint and carry around a palette with paint (make sure it's hardened if you don't want to make a mess) and a paintbrush.
  8. Ghost To dress as a ghost for Halloween, simply dress in white and cover yourself in a long white bed sheet or another piece of white fabric. Cut out holes for eyes so you can see.
  9. Celebrity If you're often told you look like a celebrity, dress like that person for Halloween! Simply wear styles that a celebrity is known to wear and you're good to go!
  10. Hobo Wear old, dirty, torn, clothes and make your hair unkempt. This is perhaps the easiest of all of the Halloween costume ideas!
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