10 Best Eats In Brooklyn

The 10 best eats in Brooklyn offer gyros, tacos and some of the best old-fashioned fare. This borough of New York City has some of the most diverse food offerings around. From pizza to home-style cooking, Brooklyn is sure to have something to please everyone.

  1. Lioni’s Italian Heros, 7803 15th Avenue. If you have been looking for the best hero in Brooklyn, then look no further. Lioni’s offers a wide variety of subs, which are named after Italian superstars. Stars such as Sofia Loren, Frank Sinatra and Phil Rizzuto all have signature sandwiches at Lioni’s and, they contribute their success to their own bread fresh, which is made daily.
  2. Taro Sushi, 446 Dean Street. This authentic sushi storefront is near the Atlantic Mall and it’s always packed. Prices are very reasonable and the sushi chef, Yuji Sano, was trained in Tokyo. He creates some of the most amazing flavors with his dishes, which makes this one of the ten best eats in Brooklyn.
  3. Purple Yam, 1314 Cortelyou Road. This restaurant is located in Ditmas Park and they specialize in Filipino and South East Asian cuisine. Kimchi is a popular item on the menu, and for dessert they offer savory avocado ice cream. This is truly a family style restaurant that is famous for their air-cured beef and large family-style fare.
  4. Paradise Garden Restaurant, 2814 Emmons Avenue. Sheepshead Bay is home to this popular banquet hall that offers Russian cuisine and live traditional music. This is a piece of good fortune for local Russians who are looking for the most authentic cuisine that represents their homeland.
  5. Bagel Hole, 400 Seventh Avenue. New Yorkers love their bagels and this is one of the boroughs best. This Park Slope storefront is always busy with customers lined outside the door on weekends. Their bagels are crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. They come with many flavorful toppings, and these are some of the best eats when visiting Park Slope.
  6. Armondo’s Pizza, 1413 Rockaway Parkway. This eatery  in Brooklyn is very reasonable and they offer small slices of pizza for $2.25 and small pies for a mere $9.00. This is a staple in Carnarsie, so look for this pizza joint to be busy and hopping with customers.
  7. Buckley’s Bar and Restaurant, 2926 Avenue South. This is a family owned establishment that has been in business for 35 years. They have perfected American comfort food in Brooklyn while customers enjoy a cozy setting with a lit fireplace. One of there more popular home-style dishes is corned beef and cabbage on Thursdays. Their menu is reasonably priced and they provide more than enough when it comes to portion sizes.
  8. Tom’s Restaurant, 782 Washington Avenue. This diner has been in business since 1936, making it one of the ten best eats in Brooklyn. It’s located in Prospect Heights and they have a wide-range of soups, sandwiches and salads. They also have some of the best breakfast food in area.
  9. Mish Mash Gourment, 1103 Kings Highway. There are many healthy eateries in Brooklyn, but this restaurant serves some of the best. Customers can create their own salad or wrap and they have many different sandwiches and soups to choose from. Russian dumplings are also on the menu and the prices are at a steal.
  10. Collado Restaurant, 1310 Broadway. This Spanish restaurant has a unique flair and Jose Collado has been providing good eats for 22 years. He offers Cuban sandwiches as well as cheeseburgers, so there is always something on the menu for everyone. The next time you are on Broadway, be sure to stop by and sample some of the best eats in town.
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