10 Best Economics Graduate Jobs

While many jobs use some sort of economic theory, the ten best economics graduate jobs focus on the skills associated with the major, as well as pay a whole lot better than the jobs that casually use the skills. Economics graduate jobs employ grads in both private and government service, some jobs operate as independent consultants and contract advisors. 

  1. Labor analyst. Economic labor analysts look over the working world and make recommendations and projections. This job requires the use of computers, crunching numbers and an ability to interview movers and shakers in the field. Most jobs in this ten best graduate job involve work for a branch of government. 
  2. Historical analyst. If you like working in research books and looking through piles of paper and online statistics, work as a historical economic analyst is right up your alley. Folks like to see economic trends and look for causation when things go well for the economy, and also look at who to blame when the economy tanks. History geeks unite on this career choice for economic graduates. 
  3. Teacher. The world of education needs excellent teachers and economic graduates offer the expertise to help students at the elementary, middle and secondary schools a chance to learn about economic doings, and more than just figuring out how to use a check book. The pay may not be as great as some of the other job choices, but the rewards are great. 
  4. College professor. Taking the teaching to the highest level, economic graduates at the higher ed level offer student a chance to explore just what is happening in the current economy. Teaching at this level also helps groom the new generation of economic graduates to take over econ jobs of the future. 
  5. Market analyst. The term "market" can mean any type of item that is bought or sold, and some that are imaginary, in the case of bonds and stocks. A market analyst job offers economic graduates an opportunity to help chart the course for a business my writing up reports and recommendation on a specific segment of the U.S. or international economy. Pay here can be major bucks for a skilled analyst. 
  6. Author. A economic writer can be a full-time or a part-time career choice. If your book hits the best seller list, you may find enough bucks to live on, but most times a single best seller doesn't mean retirement. First book authors usually work without pay until a track record is established. Noted teachers and analysts often write about work and sell books in addition to drawing a regular salary. 
  7. Government economist. One of the best economic graduate jobs is working for the federal government due to the benefits and perks, but large counties and many states hire a cast of economics graduates to assist in charting a course for the state. Large states focus on major industries working in the area and search for new markets in the hope to lure businesses away from other regions. Government economists work as analysts and also trace historic trends in the economy.
  8. Economic consultant. Have calculator, will travel is the motto for this job. Economic graduate jobs as economic consultants are rare, but do go to sharks making a name as economics graduate stars. Work typically is by contract for a set period of time. If you're good, pay is whatever you want to ask. 
  9. International banking. If you're hot and hold an advanced degree, the World Bank, the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund may want your services. The world financial network is intertwined and economics graduate jobs in this field require travel and the ability to speak a foreign language, or two. 
  10. Economic advisor for the media. A talking head for television or an online economic blogger are other occupations that allow an economic graduate to make the most of a career and still have flexible time for consulting work. These might be part-time gigs since an economic guest is not needed for every television program. Cable television offers full-time slots, but the number of staff employed in these positions is small. 
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