10 Best Egyptian Actresses

Given the fact that the U.S. resides as ruler of the world where the film industry is concerned, it should be kept in mind that most in the Western World only knows the 10 best Egyptian actresses by their beauty on screen. And even though these ladies (for the most part) possess English as a viable second language and also command impressive acting talents, their on-screen appearance is all that is known by most at the present time as they become listed among the ten best Egyptian actresses:

  1. Soad Hosny. Though now deceased for almost two decades, this diminutive actress (just under 5’2”) died under mysterious circumstances in 2001 at the age of 47. But before she left us she appeared in numerous films (most notably 1986’s “The Hunger”) that displayed a beauty only eclipsed on-screen by her immense talent.
  2. Basma Hassan.  Among the ten best Egyptian actresses is this young woman. Her beauty aside, she is currently being courted to play the female lead in the U.S. film release of “The Great Depression”.
  3. Yara Naoum. Miss Universe 2008 Yara Naoumis not only an obvious beauty, but has an impressive educational background in theatrical arts. So at age 22, she should be considered before the fact as one of the ten best Egyptian actresses currently in play.
  4. Zeina. Her photogenic nature being all highlighted thus far on screen in Western Cinema is the only reason she was not placed further up on this list of ten best Egyptian actresses. But most believe her other talents will soon become more readily apparent.
  5. Abeer Ahmed. Not unlike Zeina, this 34 year-old beauty has yet to have her acting talent properly displayed where Western moviegoers are concerned. However, it seems that Abeer Ahmed will soon become more widely known for her actual theatrical talent.
  6. Eman el Assy. Looks, talent and brains. What’s not to like? 
  7. Nelly Karim. Not unlike the others noted in this list of ten best Egyptian actresses, Nelly Karim is worth more than just a glimpse. Believe it or not, this 34 year-old thespian has talent that outshines her striking appearance.
  8. Yasmin Abdel Aziz. One look at this breathtaking female will dispel any doubts concerning her appearance on this list. The way the camera loves her is reason enough to include her as one of the ten best Egyptian actresses.
  9. Nadia Rafik. Considered by most to be the “Mother of Egyptian Cinema Acting for Females”, Rafikis not only respected …but revered. Her early days in radio and other mediums boldly opened doors for women pursuing careers in theatrical arts decades ago, she should be included as a top-ranked actress in more lists than this that only includes the ten best Egyptian actresses.
  10. Berlanty Abd Elhameed. Though this beauty's last cinematic appearance occurred in 1964, her talent alone justifies her listing as one of the ten best Egyptian actresses.
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