10 Best Electro House Songs 2008

Wondering what the 10 best electro house songs 2008 had to offer were? Electro-house music has seen a newly rekindled popularity in the last few years.  Clubs have popped up in major cities across the nation, and raves, which feature this genre of music, are held what seems like every week.  Here are the 10 best electro-house songs of 2008, in no particular order.

  1. "When the Lights Turn" The beginning of this song, by Jay Rock, features a solo beat, typical to most electro-house music.  The song then builds up to its exploding point, in typical electro-house fashion.
  2. "Love is Gone" David Guetta, in addition to Chris Willis, is responsible for this song.  David Guetta has made himself quite a presence in the electro-house music scene over the past few years, having sold 3 million albums during his career so far. The song mixes smooth, R&B vocals with that notable electro-house beat.
  3. "In the Dark" This song is by DJ Tiësto, featuring singer Christian Burns.  DJ Tiësto, a Dutch musician and producer, is another huge name in the electro-house music genre.  While this song still has an electro-house beat, it is a little more introspective than most songs in the genre.
  4. "Let Me Think About It" The video to this electro-house song, by Ida Corr and Fedde Le Grand, has a retro theme, complete with '60s go-go dancers.  However, the song could not be further from that '60s girl group sound.
  5. "Break 4 Love" Before the build up to this song, a sparse beat as well as a Cuban clave sound is the only thing the listener hears. This creates a sense of drama and expectation to the song, as one awaits to hear what comes next.  The electro-house song is by David Vendetta, featuring Keith Thompson.
  6. "Buka Shaker" DJ Senol produced this electro-house track.  It features more "ethnic" sounding rhythms than traditional house music, which provides much of its appeal.
  7. "Sorry Miss" This is a simply classic electro-house song that contains most of the key elements found in house music.  By Davis Kay, this track is just a cool song, perfect for dancing.
  8. "Work It Out" By DJ Antoine, this song commands people across the world to, indeed, work it out.  Another fun track that features some addicting vocals on top of the electro-house beat.
  9. "Satisfaction" Benny Benassi is another huge name in the electro-house music scene.  He is a Grammy Award winner and is the 10th most popular DJ in the world. While this song was released in 2002, it remains a staple of the genre.
  10. "Slip & Slide" To end the list, we have this track from the duo Klaas & Micha Moor.  The song has a mellow enough beat at first, which gets increasingly more complex until the traditional electro-house "drop".
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