10 Best Electro House Songs 2009

The creation of the best electro house songs 2009 is, as always, an example of sheer musical alchemy. The alchemists, called DJ’s, fuse together a variation of vocals, beats and musical styles into one smooth flowing new creation. At a time when radio played hip hop has gotten stale, and so much alternative rock just seems angry, the best electro house songs 2009 fill the need. The need to trance. The need to take music and dance back to its religious, ecstatic origins. Here are the 10 best electro house songs 2009 to get you going.

  1. “Rain” is by Armin van Buuren featuring the vocals of Cathy Burton. Armin van Buuren is voted the #1 DJ in the world according to a DJ Magazine poll. This trance music subgenre within the best electro house songs 2009 contains lush vocals and heart beat like rhythms.
  2. “The Longest Road” by DJ DeadMau5 from a Morgan Page song featuring Lissie is one of the best electro house songs 2009. It was nominated for a Grammy in the category of best remixed recording-non-classical. DeadMau5 also holds the #6 spot on DJ Magazine’s annual Top 100 DJ’s poll.
  3. “For an Angel” is a Paul van Dyk re-release, and its wild success lands it in the best electro house songs 2009 category. Dyk has also been Grammy nominated and held a #1 spot in DJ Magazine’s Top Global DJ’s category.
  4. “I’m Not Alone” is mixed by internationally known DJ Tiesto featuring Calvin Harris. Tiesto topped the DJ Magazine list for world’s # 1 DJ three straight years. He also played for the opening of the Olympics in Athens, Greece becoming the first DJ to do this.
  5. 5. “On a Good Day” is an Above and Beyond club remix. Above and Beyond have been ranked #4 on the DJ Magazine Top 100 poll.  They’ve also won the BBC Radio One Essential Mix of the Year.
  6. "When Love Takes Over” features Katie Rowland and is from the “One Love” album.  This album is an experiment by DJ David Guetta in partnering American hip hop to the best electro house songs 2009.
  7. “Phake wit da Phunk” is produced by DJ Christopher Lawrence who’s voted Top U.S. DJ by DJ Magazine. This track features Stu Stone, and is a great example of the current push of marrying more hip hop to the electro house sounds.
  8. “Under the Sun” is from the Kidda “Go Up to Get Down” remix. This track was  remixed by Herve. It’s one of the best electro house songs 2009 in that it wonderfully blends hip hop and soul sounds with electro house, as does the entire album.
  9. “Push and Rise” is put out by an American DJ, Wolfgang Gartner. This track is known for its great vocals and hard driving beat. Wolfgang began his career as a deep house DJ then anonymously transitioned into the realm of electro house.
  10. “Lift” is a melodic track from Swedish DJ and producer Pryda.  Pryda is on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s of 2009 placed at #30.  
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