10 Best Electro Songs

It suffices to say, the 10 best electro songs are more than merely "good". As a distinctive genre, electro differentiates itself from other forms of electronic dance music (i.e. techno, industrial, trance) via its drum machines, funk influence, break beats, and mechanized vocals. Electro songs actually gave birth to what would become crunk, freestyle, and even the famous techno. Nonetheless, electro songs have managed to maintain their independence, and should absolutely never be confused with "dance" or the generalized "techno" genres of music.

  1. "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa. Often cited as one of the best electro songs, "Planet Rock" is an old single that premiered as the title track of Bambaataa's 1986 album. Many know "Planet Rock" as the first record of early electro songs.
  2. "Escape Me" by Tiesto. If there's one thing Tiesto knows how to do, it's make good electro songs. An excellent introduction of both trance and house into electro, "Escape Me" was made famous by C.C. Sheffield's vocals..
  3. "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi. The all-time most recognized track of all the electro songs out there is Benassi's "Satisfaction". Played in the club, mixed up, or even stand alone, Benny really made a name for himself after this one.
  4. "Dark Star" by Jackal and Hyde. Some of the best providers of hardcore industrial, breakbeat, and electro songs, Jackal and Hyde are amazingly good at what they do. "Dark Star" is a violent, acidic trip that takes the listener to the dark side of electro.
  5. "Techno City" by Cybotron. Another great example of not only electro songs but the stylistic origins of afrofuturism. "Techno City" is smooth, a bit dreary, and an interesting commentary on modern socio-political situations.
  6. "Bring the Noise" by Public Enemy vs Benny Benassi. Some hardcore hip-hop with the always 'house' Benny Benassi makes for a great electro track. In "Bring the Noise", Chuck D and Flavor Flav challenge the corrupt underpinnings of society.
  7. "Father" by Anthony Rother. The German electronic music composer out did himself here. "Father" elicits the electronic vocals, drum machine, synthesized beat that defines what survives of the contemporary electro genre.
  8. "Shut It Down" by Pitbull. Like it or not, this track is a shining example that electro is still alive in the modern mainstream. In "Shut It Down", Pitbull defines what it is to be in the electro-hop genre.
  9. "Universal Mind Control" by Common. If we had forgot Lonnie's "Universal Mind Control", we wouldn't know electro. With an automated, authorative voice, Common commands the audience to get down to his electronic beat.
  10. "Welcome to Heartbreak" by Kanye West. A single from his album 808's and Heartbreak, "Welcome to Heartbreak" introduces the world to Kanye's life after his mother. It is an excellent piece smoothly mixed in with synthesized vocals.

All in all, electro music probably wasn't what you thought it was. The best electro songs demonstrate a fusion of technological variation and human soul into one beautiful masterpiece. While many other electronic dance genres rely on the beats to carry it through, electro is known to give vocals the larger portion of the track.

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