10 Best Electronic Gadgets For Men

Curious about the 10 best electronic gadgets for men? The best electronic gadgets for men were hard to narrow down, because men like their toys. We've narrowed it down to a few diehard favorites.

  1. Cell phone. The cellular phone is a great electronic gadget for men. It has many uses, from making calls and contacts to pretending to receive a text message from a friend in trouble to get out of a bad date.
  2. Desktop computer. Any respectable gamer has a desktop PC with the highest-level graphics card available. This is one electronic gadget a man can't live without.
  3. Headset with microphone. Again,an electronic gadget for the gamer who needs to be able to talk while RPG-ing.
  4. Electric shaver. Why waste time with foam and towels when you can just plug it in and go? This is a great gadget for the days when you wake up with a five o'clock shadow and have to rush to work.
  5. Portable media player. Secretly listen to Justin Bieber without anyone being the wiser.
  6. Handheld game console. An electronic gadget for the incessant gamer who needs something to play when he's not sitting at a PC.
  7. Television. You can't get tickets to every single sports game. You need a TV for those times when you are stuck at home. The Superbowl would not be what it is today without the TV!
  8. Webcam. For "talk" with long-distance girlfriends, online business meetings or family conversations.
  9. Toaster. A good amount of guys do not cook, but they do know how to put bread in a toaster and push the lever down. You will not go hungry with this electronic gadget for men.
  10. Microwave. I'd have to say this is the ultimate guy gadget. Stick the food in and zap, it's done! No work, no cleanup, no effort. It's perfect.
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