10 Best Electronic Gadgets

Everyone has gadgets but the ten best electronic gadgets make life easier and, in dire times, well worth living. Electronic is a term used to describe anything that sucks the juice out of batteries or requires the owner to search for a plug throughout the day to operate the equipment. 

  1. Cell phone. The cell phone, including the most recent innovations of the iPhone and Blackberry, make the ten best electronic gadget list. The first cell, made in the 1970s by Martin Cooper of Motorola, looks little like the modern mobile phones. The newest cell phone integrate computer technology with basic voice transmissions. 
  2. Personal computer. Inventors Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started the popular Apple Computer company in 1976, building on a host of other innovations from their work with Atari and Hewlett-Packard. The PC, a major electronic gadget, today offers society a way to access information in nano seconds. 
  3. GPS. The Global Positioning System, invented by a group of people but principally the work of Roger L. Easton, is coming into vogue and makes the best list by the sheer fact that the geographically challenged need the device. The major move to develop the GPS electronic gadget came in the early 1970s, and it took until the 2000s for the device to be a regular accessory in rental cars. 
  4. Digital camera. The digital camera freed photographers from the necessity of getting back the prints and discovering the lens cap was still attached. Invented by Steven Sasson, an Eastman Kodak employee in 1975, the electronic gadget revolutionized the way images are taken, as well as exchanged. 
  5. Digital camcorder. Digital camcorders allow novice filmmakers to capture family picnic images, and by 2008, provided the gear to make a film suitable for projection in a movie theater. The first digital cameras introduced in 1996 were primitive compared to the more modern marvels that edit in the camera and allow image manipulation–once only possible with computers or hand-drawn animation. 
  6. HDTV Set. For most folks, television certainly makes the ten best electronic gadget list, but purists insist on the monster-sized, high-definition television sets. Television inventions are simply bragging rights, and key inventors like Philo T. Farnsworth are buried among the confetti of the big buck companies. But, HDTV gadgets must give props to a host of people. The gadget continues to morph into electronic gadgets for the future. 
  7. CD player. The compact disc player came on the market in the 1980s with the technological advances made by the Philips Electronics and the Sony Corporation. The electronic gadget was a major step up from reel-to-reel music and tape cassettes, not to mention being lightyears in advance over the 8-track systems. 
  8. Skype gadgets. The equipment to bring an image and voice over something other than a telephone wire is a modern wonder. Skype integrates the two with the help of a few pieces of specialized equipment. The cartoon, "The Jetsons," weren't far from the future, and Skype communication makes the best gadgets list. 
  9. LED lights. The light-emitting diode, also known as the LED, is changing the way life works in the 21st century. This electronic gadget, invented by Nick Holonyak in 1962, took some decades to become the hip device for modern electric gadgets. Scientists were cool with the invention but manufacturing took some time to use the gadget in practical inventions. LED devices are used today in billboards, alarm clocks, traffic signals, auto dashboards and even tail lights. Hang on to your hats in the LED world, because the most interesting gadgets are yet to come. 
  10. Electric guitar. Les Paul knew he invented one of the ten best electronic gadgets in the 1960s, and the rest of the music world didn't take long to come around. Even if you don't play or own this electronic gadget, the music created by the device certainly enhances your life at least one or two times during the week. 
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