10 Best Electronic Paintball Markers

If you want to win on the paintball field, select one of the 10 best electronic paintball markers for your weapon of choice. Nothing is worse than desperately trying to find a CO2 cartridge in the middle of the contest. Your opponents love it. Your teammates … not so much.

Instead of getting caught with your pants down, take the field and win with one of these paintball markers. Since they’re electronic, batteries are all you need.

  1. Azodin Blitz Electronic Paintball Marker Gun. The feather Stryker system and Zen circuit board combine to make this the ultimate paintball marker.
  2. Rex Type R Air Ram Electronic Paintball Marker Gun. With more features for your money than any other paintball marker, buy this for a ready backup. Try the Delrin self-lubricating field strip bolt and the quick strip bolt striker system for the best gun on the market.
  3. Tippmann Custom 98 Platinum E-grip Complete Gold Package. With an electronic trigger, accurate range up to 150ft., and the ability to carry 150+ shots, this marker is perfect. Take the field fully equipped your first time out instead of looking like you scoured garage sales.
  4. Tippmann X7 Phenom Electropneumatic Paintball Marker. By allowing you to choose between manual and electronic firing, this marker allows you to adjust to every possible field situation.
  5. Invert Mini Complete Marker Package- Level 4. An electronic hopper feed means you’ll never suffer from ball jams on the field. A lightweight paintball marker allows you to move in and out of spaces larger markers can’t. That can be the difference between winning and losing.
  6. Tippmann U.S. Army Carver One EGrip. Lightweight with different firing modes, this pseudo military gun also features a stainless steel braided gasline.
  7. Azodin Zenith Electronic Paintball Marker. Zero recoil and non slip rubber grip panels means you will never lose your weapon on the field. Weighing all of two and a half pounds, you have the best electronic marker on the market.
  8. Spyder RT Electronic Paintball Marker with Rocking Trigger Frame. This electronic marker pistol has a four-way adjustable trigger and the CAMD – Color Access Mode Display circuit board. With an all metal frame, it won’t shatter or crack if dropped.
  9. Spyder Electra with Eye Titanium Electronic Paintball Marker. The all aluminum body and trigger says no rust, and no breaking if dropped. The external velocity adjuster and with up to 25 BPS firing rate, no competitor has a chance against you with this electronic paintball pistol.
  10. Spyder 09 E-MR1 Military Kit Paintball Gun Package. This marker features a full length barrel, offset feed neck for true rifle-style sighting, and removable shoulder stock let you take offensive, defensive or sniper positions with ease.
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