10 Best English Action Movies

The 10 Best English action movies is a hard list to trim down, but the following ten best action movies are no slouches.

  1. "Bloodsport." Jean-Claude Van Damme in his best performance of his career up until possibly "JCVD" came out. He takes part in an underground fighting tournament called the Kumite. In it, he, and many other participants, battle each other for the crown. The story never detracts, making for a great action movie filled with all kinds of martial arts from all over the world.
  2. "Die Hard." Not only this film filled with plenty of action, the story structure is textbook. Alan Rickman's portrayal of the antagonist is one film critics have raved about for years. But  the important stuff is that the whole second act is filled with Bruce Willis running around an office building killing foreign enemies. Plenty of action and violence in this film.
  3. "Fast and the Furious." If cars are of interest, and even if they are not, this film is filled with plenty of action. From fist fights to car races to car/motorcycle chases, this film has it all. Vin Diesel headlining any cast would mark a film as being action packed. This one is loud and raucous for its entirety.
  4. "Taken." When a film is said to be non-stop action throughout, "Taken" is a prime example of that. Losing his daughter to bondage in Europe, Liam Neeson's character must fight to get her back. From hand to hand combat to gun play, this film will keep the edge of the seat warm in anticipation and awe of how an aged Liam Neeson is whooping butt all over Europe.
  5. "Kill Bill Vol. 1." Suspend disbelief for this film. Part kung-fu classic, part "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," this film showcases supreme choreography in its many fight scenes. If story is your favorite, watch "Kill Bill Vol. 2." but if action is king, than this film will not disappoint. Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo in a revenge plot with swords is an understatement to the magnitude of this film. The fight sequence in O'Ren Ishii's restaurant is the ultimate fight scene in cinema.
  6. "Predator." The "Governator" does not disappoint in this action film. Brought into the jungle a team of military officers are met with an unknown force that will threaten all of their lives. There are a good amount of soldiers in the beginning and not so many in the end. A clash between the present and the future meet as modern weaponry must out dual a futuristic creature with advanced weapons and tricks.
  7. "Desperado." If guns and weapons are the preferred option in a film, "Desperado" is the right choice. Antonio Banderas headlines with the sexy Selma Hayek as his co-star. There are plenty of characters, which means plenty of chances for violence, with plenty of weapons that all come to an apex with a shootout to be remembered. 
  8. "The Empire Strikes Back." The story is impeccable, as mentioned in accordance with "Die Hard." The fight scenes in space as well on the planet Hoth make this a must-see. Finally there is the light saber battle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.
  9. "The Thin Red Line." A long film, clocking in at about three hours. There is story, and since this is a war movie, there is action. It's not the typical action movie where the "bad guy" and "good guy" have shootouts throughout. Instead, is an acclaimed film filled with the right combination of emotion and action. 
  10. "The Bourne Supremacy." Much in the vein of "Taken" but instead of Liam Neeson it is Matt Damon kicking butt. And for different reasons. He is being hunted by the same government that trained him to kill. This particular film takes place all over Europe, in multiple countries. The use of handheld camera work brings the action popping right out of the screen. Marvel in the skill and intelligence that Matt Damon's character Jason Bourne possesses.

There you have it, the 10 best English action movies. Pop some popcorn and get comfortable.

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