10 Best English Brown Ales

The 10 Best English brown ales trace their heritage through the history of England. Each style and name has its following, but here are ten of the best English brown ales.

  1. Manns Original Brown Ale is sweet ale that is low in alcohol. This English brown ale in the southern style was first brewed at Mann’s Whitechapel brewery in 1902. This is dark rich ale with full body and a taste of creamy toffee. The same historic recipe is still used today.
  2. Double Maxim is an English brown ale that originated  as Maxim Ale to commemorate the return of the Maxim Gun Company from the Boer War in 1901. It acquired the “double” in its name in 1938 when its strength was doubled. Experts say it is very much the same malty, chocolaty ale that characterized the original. It is a fruity, slightly dry beer.
  3. No matter how many lists of English Brown Ales you check, Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale always seems to be present. This is a dark amber beer with a white foamy head. The taste is sweet, with a background  of  almond and walnuts and hops. This is a light ale and it has some hint of caramel malt.
  4. Hobgoblin, by Wychwood brewery is voted in the top ten by many ale lovers. This dark ruby ale is a favorite of many. This English brown ale tastes strongly of roasted malt. It has a chocolate malt flavor that is moderately bitter, but fruity.
  5. England’s most popular Old Ale, Theakston’s Old Peculier, is one of the best known English brown ales. This is not a very complex brew but is an acidic, dry beverage that has a good flavoring of hops. It is a fairly recent entry to the brown ale field.
  6. Everards, a Leicester brewery brews the citrusy brown ale, Tiger, named for a local rugby team. It has been brewed since 1975. Some find it bland, but this ale seems to be widely purchased. It is on a top thirty list of genuine English brown ales.
  7. Lees Harvest Ale was started in 1985 and has been an annual issue by this family owned brewery. This English brown ale smells and tastes of all kinds of fruit, and cinnamon. Apples, prunes and raisins are strong in this hearty harvest blend.
  8. Bass Ale has been brewed since 1777 in Burton-on-Trent.  It is pale ale that tastes strongly of hops. When served on tap was more refreshing than ales that were heavier on malt. The bottled version sold today as Our Finest Ale is the closest version to the original.
  9. An interesting English brown ale is Worthington White Shield Ale. Dating back to 1829 this is the genuine Burton Pale Ale. It is bottle conditioned and rated to be very fine English brown ale.
  10. NewcastleBrown Ale is a love it or hate it type of beer. Ale drinkers and beer lovers find it best served on tap. It is an ale that is less sweet and not as rich as some of the favorites.

Enjoy some of the best English brown ales while looking for the taste that is just right for you.

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