10 Best English Female Singer

Looking for the 10 best English female singers? Picking the best of England's female singers is quite a hard task, since England produces so many amazing female artists, but we've narrowed the search as best we can for you.

  1. Petula Clark. Petula Clark started her career at a very young age. Petula is one of England's greatest resources and is a true entertainer. She's paved the road for most of the women you will find on this list.
  2. Dusty Springfield. Dusty Springfield is probably one of the most successful female British artists in history. Her music is covered by young performers around the world. Her soulful sound is considered one of the best, even today.
  3. Joan Armatrading. Joan Armatrading is a pioneer when it comes to English female folk artists. The accolades she's received over the years are impressive. She continues to share her beautiful lyrics with the world year after year.
  4. Kate Bush. Her unique sound has influenced young female musicians for decades. Her music is original and timeless, pure inspiration.
  5. Annie Lennox. Annie Lennox, a true 1980s pop icon, is still contributing to the scene with amazing music. Her new wave style combined with her rich and sultry sound was an overwhelming success during the 1980s.
  6. Sade Adu. Another successful English female artist who has spanned her success over many generations, Sade is still hitting the top of the charts with her sexy and powerful music.
  7. Adele. This young British singer took the world by storm with her first album. Big things are sure to come from this artist with a sound that reminds us of the R&B artists of the 1960s.
  8. Florence Welch. This musical princess has a great stage presence, and her music is original and full of great rhythm. Flo is truly one of a kind.
  9. Laura Marling. Laura Marling is masterful with tales that make you question such smart lyrics at such a young age. It will be quite a journey to watch this gifted young English talent rise to the top.
  10. Amy Winehouse. She may be battered and bruised, but one thing is for sure: Amy Winehouse is an amazing singer. She took the world by storm with her first album and we can only hope she finds some guidance and continues down this path that she's so lucky to be on.
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