10 Best English Hip Hop Songs

Music finds its power in the soul, not the geography, so give these English Hip Hop songs a chance to sink in to your head. Check out what the English have in store for your eardrums, as well as your brain, when you sample these British artists.

  1. "Won't Go Quietly" Example steps up to the plate and dusts off the cricket bat on his way to scoring with "Won't Go Quietly." With a noticeable emphasis of giving his singing voice some more airtime than it had in previous albums, Example shows he has the lungs for both singing and rapping. That isn't to say that he allows his rapping to take a dive but rather that he's evolving as he progresses as an English Hip Hop artist. His cadence is picture perfect as it couples up with the music and makes one excellent song, worthy of sharing with all your friends.
  2. "Routine Check" Hip Hop can serve as a voice for social unrest. With "Routine Check," the possibly illegal search of the protagonist by the police comes off as profiling at best, racially motivated at worst. Voicing the innocence of the victim, the Mitchell Brothers show off a talent for word play and for building tension. You can feel the slowly burning righteousness that comes from the unjustly trod upon throughout this song that shows the universality of the desire for proper justice.
  3. "Terrorvision" Skandal uses innovative backing music sparsely, creating both a sense of urgency and utilitarianism in this English Hip Hop song. "Terrorvision" speaks to the tragic world outside our own windows. The difference is that he doesn't wallow in the muck; he rallies against it. Almost journalistic in its scope this song is a wake up call to the apathetic and a prod in the back to the merely lazy.
  4. "Stone the Crows" A wispy, haunting echo of music that will remind you of the sounds you hear with a hand or shell cupped to your ear provides the backdrop throughout this song. "Stone the Crows" wants you to take notice of the lyrics first and let the music flank you stealthily while your focus is elsewhere. One excellent song from the world of English Hip Hop. Roots Manuva doesn't take Hip Hop by the hand; rather he throws it over his shoulder and plots his own new path for the genre.
  5. "Hype Boys" Sway makes you want to mimic him right from the start. With "Hype Boys," he creates a constantly changing English Hip Hop flow of speed that feels like a strong wind at your back–always pushing you further. With his vocals sometimes running perpendicular to the beat, he doesn't allow the listener to get complacent with their attention span. An English Hip Hop song that shows that geography has nothing to do with the ability of great Hip Hop to connect minds across physical distances.
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