10 Best Erotic Films

The most famous erotic movies ever stretch the gamut from pornography to softcore skin flicks to mainstream theatrical releases. Some of these movies star big-name actors while others are famous because of their groundbreaking themes. These movies remain titillating, exciting and great years after their original release.

  1. “Debbie Does Dallas” One of the most famous erotic movies ever, “Debbie Does Dallas” is a porn movie following a group of cheerleaders who need to raise money to send one of their members to try out to be a Texas Cowgirl cheerleader. When they have trouble raising the cash, they start prostituting themselves to raise the money.
  2. “Deep Throat” “Deep Throat” is one of the most famous erotic movies ever, a starring vehicle for porn actress Linda Lovelace. The movie received a documentary in 2005 called “Inside Deep Throat” and Linda Lovelace features in a 2011 biopic starring Lindsay Lohan.
  3. “Emmanuelle" “Emmanuelle” is one of the most famous erotic movies ever, spawning a series that included six sequels and six more spin-off TV movies. The original French film told the story of a wife whose husband encouraged to her explore sex with a number of different people.
  4. “9 1/2 Weeks” “9 1/2 Weeks” is softcore erotica, but remains one of the most famous erotic movies ever, starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. The movie displays a great deal of R-rated sex during the couple’s two-month affair.
  5. “Showgirls” “Showgirls,” directed by Paul Verhoeven, was an NC-17 movie that received a wide release into mainstream theaters in 1995. The wide release makes the movie one of the most famous erotic movies ever, starring Elizabeth Berkley from the TV hit series “Saved by the Bell” as a stripper in Las Vegas.
  6. “Crash” Canadian shock director David Cronenberg released this addition to cinema’s most famous erotic movies ever in 1996. The movie follows a group of people who get sexual pleasure from car accidents. The movie stars a number of famous actors including James Spader, Holly Hunter and Rosanna Arquette.
  7. “Wild Orchid” Mickey Rourke stars in one of the most famous erotic movies ever. The movie is about a man who uses sexual and psychological games to break down a young woman played by Carrie Otis. Jacqueline Bisset and Bruce Greenwood also star in the movie, which is available on DVD in its original unrated cut.
  8. “In the Realm of the Senses” One of the most unusual and most famous erotic movies ever, “In the Realm of the Senses” is an art-house erotic film by Japanese director Nagisa Oshima. The movie shows a dangerous, violent affair between a gangster and one of his maidservants. The movie is borderline pornography.
  9. “Last Tango in Paris” Art house director Bernardo Bertolucci created this film, which received an X-rating, and remains one of the most famous erotic movies ever. The 1972 movie stars an overweight Marlon Brando as an American exile who has an affair with a twenty-year-old girl and features sexual acts through most of the movie.
  10. “Basic Instinct” Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas star in this erotic thriller, one of the most famous erotic movies ever. Douglas is a police officer trying to find an ice pick killer and begins an affair with Sharon Stone, who might be the killer. It also features the famous scene with Stone uncrossing her legs and exposing herself to the world.



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