10 Best Erotic Movie Scenes

A list of the 10 best erotic movie scenes includes movies starring bold and daring actors and actresses and were made by directors not afraid to take risks. These scenes got you hot and bothered and in the theater and later wore out your DVD player. 

  1. Group shot in “Short Bus.” “Short Bus” was an avant garde film by John Cameron Mitchell and gained notoriety for being the first mainstream, non-pornographic film to show non-simulated intercourse and penetration. In one scene, the protagonist is watching large roomful of people at a New York City sex club, all engaging in various forms of intercourse. It is shocking and certainly one of the ten best erotic movie scenes.
  2. Train ride in “Risky Business.” Tom Cruise was a rising star when this movie came out in 1983, about a teenager left home alone while his parents are out of town. In this scene, one of the ten best erotic movie scenes ever, he gets ridden by the steamy Rebecca DeMornay while both ride the subway. The background music and the way the scene is shot all add to its sexiness.
  3. The kiss between Scarlett and Penelope in "Vicky Christina Barcelona." Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson are perhaps the two sexiest actresses in Hollywood today, so it is no surprise that a scene showing a slow, passionate kiss between the two makes this list of the ten best erotic movie scenes. The kiss is tender and sexy … and we only wish director Woody Allen had taken it a little bit further.
  4. Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct.” This movie pushed the boundaries when it was released in the early 1990’s, and the sultry Sharon Stone left no piece of flesh covered as she turned men on across America. In one scene Stone and Michael Douglas engage in oral sex and bondage, and her sensuousness throughout make it one of the ten best erotic movie scenes.
  5. "Sex and Lucia." “Sex and Lucia” was a movie with shifting timelines and bizarre sequences, but through it all was the sexy Paz Vega, in a movie that launched her career. In one scene, Vega’s character and her boyfriend make passionate love, with full frontal nudity shown of both characters.
  6. "Wild Things" girl-on-girl. When this movie was released in the mid-1990s, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards were both Class A sex symbols. In one particular scene, the ridiculously lucky Matt Dillon is about to get it on with both of them. The women, however, partially undressed, take a detour and kiss passionately, creating one of the ten best erotic movie scenes of the 1990s, and perhaps ever.
  7. “Team America” and the marionettes. “Team America: World Police” was made by the creators of “South Park” and the movie has their irreverent flair, particularly in that all the “actors” are marionettes. In one particular very, very odd scene two marionettes have sex in every position imaginable, and in some positions likely only achieved by marionettes. The scene had to be modified multiple times to avoid an NC-17 rating.
  8. Orgasm in “Short Bus.” In the second installment from this movie on this list, the character Sofia Lin is masturbating. She has never achieved an orgasm, and is desperately trying to do so. In this scene, one of the ten best erotic movie scenes, actress Sook-Yin Lee actually does have an orgasm, with the camera focused on her face the entire time. The realism of the scene makes it very sexy.
  9. “Unfaithful” restroom scene. Diane Lane made a name for herself and established herself as a sex symbol playing a character cheating on her husband with a much younger man. Lane’s character seems to turn into a different woman when around her lover, and the two of them get it on in a restaurant restroom—up against the wall pounding and all—while her friends waited at her table.
  10. “Y Tu Mama Tambien.” Maribel Verdu takes a road trip with two young men, where talk of sex is free and easy. One evening, after she’d already bedded both, the trio gets very drunk and returns to their room. What follows is unexpected, but erotic.

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