10 Best Erotic Movies For Women

When a woman is searching for a good erotic movie, the 10 best erotic movies for women is the list to read. Today, there are millions of erotic movies available to watch. This list is just ten of the best erotic movies for women.

  1. "Female Fantasies" by Petra Joy. This erotic film is filled with sensual pleasure and seduction. It is purely based on female fantasies that were written out and given to the producer. It is all real life lovers, no porn stars.
  2. "Five Hot Stories for Her" by Erika Lust. It is no wonder this movie makes the list of the ten best erotic movies for women; it was made primarily for women. It is a modern, urban, spicy and elicit story. A few of the stories listed are: "Breakup Sex," "Good Girl" and "Married with Children."
  3. "Man of My Dreams" by Mimi Balfour. Made for women, featuring voyeurs, this movie ranks high on the ten best erotic movies for women. It engages many fantasies for women. It has a soft and sensual feel to it. There are also fun pop up ads about sex in the movie.
  4. "Woman's World" by Cameron Rose. This erotic movie for women is aimed for female viewers. This movie is based on a ravishing goddess. She wakes up one day and discovers that women no longer rule the world, so she goes out and seeks revenge.
  5. "Cameron Rose's For Women Only #1." On this erotic film, women can learn how to handle their men. There are common female fantasies, such as being seduced by a fireman. This movie ranks well, and there were many more of them made.
  6. "Every Woman Has A Fantasy." One man discovers all of women's fantasies. There are secret erotic fantasies discovered. It is a highly recommended erotic movie for women. It is old fashioned as well, with 80's hairstyles.
  7. "Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attrack" by Tony Comstock. This erotic film for women features a cougar who is very experienced, and a young man who is eager to learn. There are lots of passion and heat, along with a great connection in the best erotic movies for women.
  8. "City of Flesh: Cummitment" by Stella Films Production. A couple embarks on a quest to test out their commitment. This exotic movie for women is filled with hardcore and explicit sex scenes. It has a very engaging storyline as well.
  9. "Matinee" by Blue Artichoke Films. This movie has been votes Best Narrative Short Film. You can enjoy forty minutes of sexual exploitation. There is hot sex in this film, along with real people.
  10. "Candida Royalles Eyes of Desire" by Candida Royalle. A photographer decides to go into the hillside to try to get her head straight about her relationship. She later finds out she is being watch by a mysterious man. There is plenty of kinky and hot scenes in this movie.

When you go to pick a movie, choose something you are into. If you are into hardcore stuff, choose that. If you just want a plain erotic movie, they have those available as well. So, pick wisely.

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