10 Best Erotic Thrillers

Looking for the 10 best erotic thrillers? Modern cinema is filled with examples of fine erotic thrillers, and while individual opinions may vary, most critics won’t balk at the choices made in this list. Check out our selections for the 10 best erotic thrillers below. There are many other fine erotic thrillers beyond those on this list, so be sure to check them out too.

  1. “9 ½ weeks” The thriller portion of this film is subtle and resides in the subplot of an artful piece delivered by director Adrian Lyne. But the erotic portions of the film go off the charts, easily making it a classic erotic thriller.
  2. “Wild Things” This was considered by most to be a bit of teen fluff when it was released in 1998. Since then it has been reassessed by most as a great piece of noir homage due to a brilliant performance by Matt Dillon (a la Fred MacMurray in “Double Indemnity”).
  3. “Double Indemnity” In 1944, nudity didn’t exist in mainstream cinema. But all the same, this film managed to convey an incredibly erotic tone. And its plot includes pre-meditated murder, adultery and lots of other thrills that have made America movies great.
  4. “Psycho” Though considered by most to be a predecessor of modern-day “slasher flicks,” Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece is actually an artsy piece with a hint of the erotic. And no one will deny this film is a thriller!
  5. “The Beguiled” Most flocked to theaters in 1971 to see Clint Eastwood shoot more bad guys in the Old West, but instead found him in a romantic tryst with Geraldine Page and Elizabeth Hartman. However, those who gave the film a chance immediately found it to be a worthy addition to this list of erotic thrillers.
  6. “Play Misty for Me” Also in 1971, Clint Eastwood made his directorial debut with this wonderful piece that is both thrilling and erotic. It was the beginning of a phenomenal career for him as a director.
  7. “Unfaithful” Brilliant performances by Richard Gere and Diane Lane drive this erotic thriller, but the brilliant direction of Adrian Lyne steals the show.
  8. “Tightrope” Clint Eastwood appears again on this list as the lead in this erotic thriller that people closer to his age can identify with. Genevieve Bujold supports the piece with a fine performance.
  9. “Basic Instinct” Written incredibly by Joe Eszterhas and directed just as well by Paul Verhoeven, this film is considered by most as one of the greatest erotic thrillers of all time, and the fact that Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone star makes it even better!
  10. “Jagged Edge” Jeff Bridges and Glenn Close star in this fine “whodunnit?” from 1985. Isn’t that reason enough to watch?
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