10 Best European Adult Movies

Whenever you’re in the mood for zesty and cultured fun, try a nab at one of these 10 best European adult movies. With this right selection, you'll find good content, hot actresses and occasional nudity. Europe makes the best films in the world, no matter the year. They can come with twisting ideas to blow your mind for sure.

  1. “The Vintner's Luck” The director, Niki Caro, brings this novel to life in a movie, not exactly following the book word for word. It is her own interpretation, which features the awesome actress Keisha Castle-Hughes. Once you set the plot in France, romance will happen, even though it's a dramatic film.
  2. “Antichrist” The 2009 Denmark version of this title is one of the most anticipated features in the horror film industry for European audiences. Willem Dafoe, also known for his role in the controversial movie “The Last Temptation Of  Christ,” does an excellent performance here. If you have the guts, watch it.
  3. “After Life” To continue this European list, we come up with a supernatural adult movie. Fans of Christina Ricci can rejoice here, as she has some hot scenes to drive you crazy. This is where unhappiness takes you by the hand of a beautiful woman.
  4. “Female Vampire” It is what the “Twilight” saga needs. This is a European classic from France, where passion always comes in the script; this time, however, with bloody desires. It can also be found with its alternative name: “The Bare Breasted Countess.”
  5. “Sex And Lucia” This movie won a well deserved award in Spain for its awesome plot. Julio Medem was responsible along with Paz Vega and Tristan Ulloa. It’s the typical love story turned into an unstoppable erotic whirlpool.
  6. “Swimming Pool” This is a European film that includes seduction and mystery to deliver good content. There's uncensored nudity everywhere. The well thought plot can speak for itself, as it doesn’t depend only on naked bodies. Its ending is open to different interpretations, so you can keep motivated there.
  7. “Bandaged” Again, another adult movie with erotism and horror. It seems like the perfect marriage of genres. Never hire a nurse to take care of your daughter, as she can end up loving her with no restrictions. That’s all about it. The director is Maria Beatty.
  8. “Nathalie” When Gerard Depardieu is on the film, you can expect it to be a great movie, no matter if the script was written by monkeys. There's nothing better than to hire a prostitute for your husband, only to know what he really likes. It seems like an erotic detective sexcapade.
  9. “Naboer” Or just “Next Door” in English, this film is a psychological adult movie. This is, when you’re somewhere in Europe, and you decide to visit your hot neighbors, you could end up being totally manipulated towards hell. In Norway, they know how to make great films, by the way.
  10. “The Perfect Murder” Let’s talk about it. Here, you can find a psychopath falling in love with an innocent girl. Watching a thriller movie with hot nudity is part of a cool package deal. Do not confuse it with the one starring Michael Douglas. This movie was made in Norway.
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