10 Best European Erotic Films

If you are a big fan of erotic movies, you will not want to miss the following 10 best European erotic films made in various time periods. Not only are these European erotic films excellently executed, they also reflect the culture of that particular country. Read on to find out more about some of the best European erotic films. 

  1. "The Dreamers" (2003). Made it Italy, "The Dreamers" is often considered as one of the best European erotic films. The movie portrays the life of a pair of twins living in the tumultuous 1968 Paris. The two of them then meet an American student from California and decide to take him in. The twins then experiment a wide range of sexual activities with the American. 
  2. "Untamed Youth" (1957). This West German film depicts the hitchhiking adventure of a pair of sisters. The two of them got into trouble when they are caught skinny dipping in a small American town. They are held in prison and are forced to work by a seductress who has an affair with the judge. One of the sisters then begin a sexual relation with the judge's son in order to free themselves. 
  3. "Lady Chatterley's Lover" (1955). Adapted from D.H. Lawrence's famous novel, this French film has pushed the limit and has become one of the best European films of all times. The plot of the movie rivets on how a married woman commits adultery. When it was first released, both the film and the novel were banned by the authority. 
  4. "The Lovers" (1958). Another sensual French film, "The Lovers" is seen as one of the best European erotic films because of its steamy cinematography and attractive characters. This film portrays the internal conflict of a married woman, who feels bored with not only her husband, but also her lover. She meets a stranger one day when her car is broken and they begin a steamy sexual relation. 
  5. "Nathalie…" (2003). As one of the best European erotic films, "Nathalie…" is not only sensual but extremely thrilling. The story opens with a suspicious bourgeoisie wife who thinks that her husband is cheating on her. She then hires Nathalie, a high-end prostitute, to seduce her husband and report back to her all their sex acts. 
  6. "Next Door" (2005). This Norwegian film is widely considered as one of the best European erotic films. Like "Nathalie…", "Next Door" is also a psychological thriller about a man who is dumped by his girlfriend. While he is still heartbroken, two of his beautiful neighbors begin to seduce him. Things start to get complicated when the man can no longer tell apart the reality and his fantasy. 
  7. "120 Days of Sodom (1975). This Italian film isn't for everyone even though it is considered by some as one of the best European erotic films. The story opens with a group of Fascists handpicking young and attractive youths for their sexual entertainment. They put these young people through a series of torture and humiliation to satisfy their sexual desires. 
  8. "Sex and Lucia" (2001). This Spanish film portrays how Lucia, after losing her job and losing her long-term boyfriend, decides to move to a remote island. She begins to discover that her past relationship is not as innocuous as it seems. There are explicit sex scenes in this movie that are both steamy and sensual. 
  9. "Betty Blue" (1986). This French film depicts how the life of a hard-working handyman begins to unravel when a beautiful woman comes into his life. First he loses his job, and then he witnesses how his lover is in fact not only wild but on the verge of insanity. The handyman begins to lose control of all the stability he used to have in life. 
  10. "The Art of Love" (1983). Made in France, "The Art of Love" is an erotica set in Ancient Rome. Although the movie does not have an overarching plot, it is extremely sensual nonetheless. There are ample nude scenes and suggestive acts. 
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