10 Best European Sports Cars

Interested in discovering what the 10 best European sports cars are? Europe is known for their legendary automotive brands, many of which have developed some of the best sports cars in the world. While America created the muscle car craze, these vehicles were little more than economy cars with large engines. Europe's greatest automakers like Ferrari and Lamborghini are known for building true sports cars that are the envy of the world and while they may not be practical they are certainly exotic. The best European sports cars are also undoubtedly the best sports cars in the world.

  1. Ferrari F40. Ferrari's halo car at the end of the 1980s was the fastest street legal production car in the world when it was introduced in 1987 and its sexy Italian styling and performance numbers helped it endure as one of the most lusted after exotics the world has ever known.
  2. Lamborghini Countach. Introduced in the 1970s this supercar graced the walls of nearly every teenage boy's rooms for nearly two decades. This car and Cindy Crawford. The giant wing on the back coupled with its trademark Lambo doors were the thing of childhood fantasy.
  3. Mercedes 300SL. This German car is the oldest car to make our list of the best European sports cars. This car was capable of going 145mph and was manufactured in the 1950s. The 300SL's gull-wing doors are also bad ass.
  4. Porsche 911. Despite going through many different generations, the 911 still retains the same basic shape as the original. A design that enduring and a style that is so subtle, yet so exotic at the same time are a sure formula to make any list of the best European sports cars.
  5. Jaguar XJ220. The British automaker known for their reserved, stately sedans and elegant roadsters created one of the best European sports cars of all time when they created their first true exotic in the early 1990s.
  6. Ferrari Enzo. All Ferraris are special vehicles with an attention to detail that few cars can match. However, it should come as no surprise that one of the best European sports cars would bear the name of Ferrari's founder. The Enzo. The name says it all. It also looks like a stealth bomber. A red stealth bomber. AWESOME.
  7. Maserati MC12. Based around the same architecture as the Enzo, this is one of the best European sports cars if for no other reason than the sheer awesomeness of its appearance.
  8. Mercedes SLS. A 2010 re-interpretation of the 300SL is sure to qualify for inclusion in the list of the best European sports cars. Those doors are now designed to blow off in the event of a rollover. A car with pyrotechnics? The Germans are so ridiculous.
  9. Porsche 959. The German sports car maker created this street legal car just to be able have a track version. You should not need much more of an explanation as to why this is one of the best European sports cars.
  10. Ferrari Testarossa. The wedge shape. The trademark side styling. The pop-up lights. This was the car from "OutRun" for crying out loud. Where is the cheese? Where is the Ferrari? This car is so 1980s—like pure cocaine.
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