10 Best Exercise DVDs for Men

According to Medline Plus, the life expectancy gap between women and men has greatly increased, indeed, however, men must still pay much more attention to their bodies and knowing the 10 best exercise DVDs for men is a great way to pay close attention. Men are more prone to rigorous activity and body strain than women, and are also more prone to abusing their bodies a bit more and having a great workout system under your belts can greatly increase your overall fitness and assist in staying on top of peak physical condition.

  1. One of the 10 best exercise DVDs for men is P90X. The PX90 workout system involves videos that add steps to increase your fitness level through evolving with your personal workout and assists in developing skills, coordination, and flexibility through rigorous exercise training.
  2. Another of the 10 best exercise DVDs for men is Insanity by Shaun T. This video system consists of a 60 day workout that is ranked as one of the hardest programs ever on DVD.
  3. Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer is one of the most popular of the 10 best exercise DVDs for men. Through a new breakthrough Super Stacking Technique designed to work out the full body instead of one section at a time, you are able to build maximum strength through vigorous interval training.
  4. For those of you not ready for P90X, there is Power 90 In Home Boot Camp, another of Tony Horton’s masterpieces. The program guarantees your perfect body in just 90 short days through an exclusive Sectional Progression training technique, allowing each movement to target a specific zone of your body for the most fat burning and toning in just 30 minutes a day.
  5. Featuring Shaun T., Hip Hop Abs is a fun and effective workout program that can be done through four great routines. Through a dance routine that is easy to learn through the detailed and comprehensive steps, you are sure to get to your ideal weight without realizing you have done any work.
  6. Pilates for Men is another of the 10 best exercise DVDs for men. This video is specially designed just for men to create longer, leaner muscles.
  7. Tae-Bo II: Get Ripped Basic Workout is one of the most active and physically encouraging DVDs for men. Even if you aren’t a large fan of Billy Blanks, the Tae-Bo workout is supreme in its efficiency and effective on creating enhanced full body strength and toning.
  8. Strength Building Yoga is yet another of those exercise DVDs that aim towards preparing your body for rough activity. Getting a full core strengthening and enhancing your flexibility and stamina, you will fully enjoy this DVD.
  9. One of the most specialized of the 10 best exercise DVDs for men is Swiss Ball Abs: Adam Ford. Focusing on one of the most emphasized zones of the male body, this DVD involves three 20-minute workouts that are specifically designed to target abs strengthening as well as obliques using the Swiss ball which has shown amazing results.
  10. The last of the 10 best exercise DVDs for men is Men’s Health 15 Minute Workout. This video is designed to target every aspect of men’s health and fitness within 15 minutes of core training and several guides and tools for nutritional and physical improvement.


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