10 Best Exercises to Firm a Man’s Belly

The 10 best exercises to firm a man's belly will take patience and motivation. You've probably done every workout you've  heard of and still don't have results. With sleep, good nutrition and enough water in your daily life, having a firm belly will not be far from your reach. There are some common mistakes people make when they decide to work on their belly. Most utilize muscles other than their abs to get results. Worse, though, is the risk of injuring yourself, and without proper techniques you can suffer permanent back pain as a result of disk degeneration.

Imagine your belly being divided in the middle horizontally. You have your upper belly, your lower belly and your obliques (your sides). The first section to firm a man's belly is the lower abs, then the obliques, and finally the upper abs. When working on your lower abs you will have to utilize the upper abs as well. Applying the exercises below will firm a man's belly in a matter of days. 

  1. Lower belly workout called hanging leg raises. This exercise is the most effective workout on the lower abs. This requires you to perform the exercise slowly so that your body doesn't swing. You will be hanging from a pull up bar.
  2. Another lower belly workout called the leg scissors. This exercise requires frequent movement of your legs. You will do this flat on the floor. Consistency will firm a man's belly.
  3. Seated leg tucks works on your upper and lower abdomen. This exercise requires you to use your legs to emphasize the crunch. 
  4. Use a stability ball to perform a Russian twist. This exercise firms up your obliques faster than any exercise, because it requires you to balance your body. You will have to utilize all of your oblique muscles to keep the ball stable enough to perform the exercise. Doing this will firm the sides of your belly. 
  5. Do seated twist to keep your obliques in shape. This exercise will not add bulk since you should not add any resistance. Adding a resistance to this exercise can give you the appearance of love handles on your sides. Don't forget the obliques are muscles too.
  6. Do bicycle crunch exercise. This works out your obliques to strengthen them. Many people prefer this exercise to firm a man's belly because your abs are activitly moving.
  7. Stability ball oblique crunch will require you to have your feet securely positioned. This exercise requires proper form to work on your obliques. It is common to slip from this position, but when done correctly you will achieve your goal of having a firm belly.
  8. Do some good old fashion crunches. This abdominal exercise effectively works on your upper abs. It's important to know that you should not use your hands to lift your neck. Place a apple underneath your chin to have proper technique.
  9. Do abdominal cable crunches. This is just one exercise you can utilize weights and have an effective workout. If you are sick of doing many crunches and not feeling any burn, do this exercise to feel it within twenty reps.
  10. Do barbell ab roll outs. This exercise can be done with an ab wheel. You will be require to perform this exercise slowly and to have proper form so you won't be working on your back or shoulders. 

These exercises are a great source to firm a man's belly, and with proper nutrition, you will also lose weight on your belly.


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