10 Best Exotic Car Replica Kits

You need to know the 10 Best Exotic Car Replica Kits! When you think about exotic cars, what comes to mind, besides how you'll never drive one? Possibly Lamborghini, Porsche or a Ford Cobra? They could be yours, oh yes, they could be yours.  The following list will give a countdown the ten best exotic car replica kits. 

  1. Thunder Ranch hits our list at number one for their Porsche. They have been around since 1978 in California and show a comparison chart of how they stand out among the rest of the kit crowd. Designer Tom McBurnie won best new car concept at the Los Angeles Auto Expo for his Sceptre 6.6S.
  2. Era Replica Automobiles sits at number two on our list for their Cobra.  They have been around since 1981 in New Britain, Connecticut.  Their GT chassis are designed for street and track with right or left hand driving in the basic design.  
  3. A Lamborghini Replica comes in third place on our list with the Diablo replica that they built for less than $15 a day.  Photos and information abound on the site.  They also allow the selling of your own kits on their website.  
  4. Car Kit Incorporated slides into our list at number four, with the ability to turn your car into something special. You can pay in full or use the Lay-away plan.  
  5. Vintage VW Cars comes in at number five.  We like that they offer ‘Eleanor’ the 1968 Mustang GT 500, They not only offer exotic, such as the Testarossa, but also something regular like a dune buggy. 
  6. Exotic Car Replicas hits at number six on our list.  They offer Ferrari and Lamborghini with a twelve month, 6000 mile warranty.  With fifteen years experience, owner Brian Ganner has his number on the website to call him at any time. They reside in California. 
  7. Fiero Factory slips in from the UK at number seven.  They handle kit cars and show the beauty of the Fierossa and the Venom that uses a body kit of the Corvette and Granada. 
  8. AC Ace Replicas fires into the number eight spot with an inexpensive alternative of a Shelby Cobra by turning an MGB roadster into a California Ace. 
  9.  Xanthos Cars roars into the number nine spot with a replica of the Lotus 22 and 23. You can purchase a rolling chassis which comes without engine or gearbox. 
  10. Suffolk Jaguar races in at number ten, Roger Williams offers video and information on their website for building your own Suffolk SS100 or C-type or purchasing those they have built. 

Era Replica Automobiles 
Car Kit Incorporated 

C-F Enterprises Ltd 
Exotic Car Replicas 

Fiero Factory Limited 
Thunder Ranch
Exotic and Vintage Kit Cars  Suffolk Sportscars Ltd
Xanthos Cars North America 

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