10 Best Family TV Shows

Looking for the 10 best family TV shows? The best TV shows are ones that have good American values all tucked into an all-American family. Although cultural diversities are a given in family television, still the cohesiveness of a family is forever a mainstay for any family’s viewing of TV together.

  1. "Secrets of the Mountain” This NBC-aired program depicts a family who studies a past civilization and journeys to find it. This adventure story contains bonding of a family unit and strengthening of their relationship as a family. It shows a family working together towards the same goal.
  2. “Losing It with Jillian” NBC has recognized this program to be quite a hit. This TV show is about a family who faces many challenges and has a main character, Jillian, who helps in doing so. She provides them with the tools to improve on their mental and physical health. It is a fun TV show to watch on NBC.
  3. “Three Rivers” Truly a great favorite of CBS’s broadcasting. An advanced team of experts at a state-of-the-art hospital brings together a TV show which depicts the problems a person faces after a transplant process. One of the main characters, Dr. Andy Yablonski, is a natural born leader whose tone is one of helpfulness and compassion.
  4. “Amish Grace” This television show, which is part of the Lifetime Movie network, is a story of a tragic school shooting in Pennsylvania involving the Amish. This show involves thoughts on forgiveness, faith, grace and grief. Both young girls and women are killed by a local milkman, and much sorrow and grief is felt by the parents of the family.
  5. “Extreme Makeover” This ABC TV show focuses on a family in Oklahoma who are suffering financially and have a sick child in the home. The family receives a sponsored trip to Disneyland and their house is changed to accommodate the needs of their sick son, who suffers from an incurable disease in which the hypothalamus within the brain causes him to eat continually. This is just one example of the kind of touching story this TV show deals with.
  6. “Who Do You Think You Are?” This is a touching show on NBC regarding a young star looking for information regarding his family roots. In one case, Matthew Broderick searches for information regarding his family history. He journeys to New Jersey to learn about his family’s ancestry and finds out things regarding his grandparents and father. This truly is a touching story and a moment of truth for Matthew.
  7. “Scripps National Spelling Bee” Spelling bees are natural way for a family to share a few laughs and have a bowl of popcorn together. This show airs on ABC’s network and has become a tradition on Friday nights. Contestants are from all over the Unites States. Anamika Veeramani was the winner recently in one spelling bee, correctly spelling the winning word "rheometer."
  8. “American Idol” Fox has given many seasons of fun-filled hours in which this great show causes everyone in the world to feel they too can and may become a star. Many people try out for "American Idol," and then become stars themselves after producing a record or staring in a movie. This show is hosted by Ryan Seacrest and has a judging panel consisting of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and more.
  9. “Biggest Loser” NBC has aired this wonderful program in which people lose weight and become healthy. It has earned awards naming it the best TV show of the week, and it should. Trainers Jillian and Bob help overweight contestants lose weight over a period of months. The winner who loses the most weight wins 250 thousand dollars.
  10. “Great American Road Trip” This NBC show depicts a family who goes on a road trip. The road trip consists of family bonding and family get-togethers throughout a course of events, which occur as they are traveling together. Several families are competing in this road trip to win a hundred thousand dollars. There are no stated particulars as to why the families win the money.
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