10 Best Fashion Designers

The top 10 fashion designers is definitely a debatable topic. It truly is a matter of opinion, but we are going to take a shot at who we feel are the most recognizable and most successful fashion designers.

  1. VALENTINO GARAVANI This designer is a long standing icon in the fashion world. Some of the most famous women in Hollywood and on the society pages have adorned the couture of Valentino. We can't forget Julia Roberts Oscar show-stopper the year she took home the gold for "Erin Brockovich". 
  2. HOUSE OF CHANEL Coco Chanel single-handedly changed the face of of fashion in her day. Chanel will always be associated with elegance and class in the fashion world. Even a casual Chanel look gives off an air of sophistication and confidence. It's no wonder her life is so interesting and has been told in the movies over and over. 
  3. OSCAR DE LA RENTA A man not only known for his fashion genius but for his charm and true Latin style. Whether it is evening wear, sportswear, ready-to-wear, Oscar De La Renta always manages to look high-end. His grace and kindness has made him a fashion favorite among his peers and clients. 
  4. TOM FORD This Texas southern gentleman has both men and women swooning, and the clothes aren't so bad either! Not only is he a driving force in fashion, but he has many other talents in film and business. Tom Ford's creative style has no limits 
  5.  VERSACE Donatella graciously took over the reins after the tragic death of her brother Gianni Versace's fashion empire. The line is known for being colorful and sexy, attracting a large circle of celebrity fans. The color and patterns found in the clothes and homeware is distinctly Versace and recognized as such all over the world. There is no doubt Versace is one of the top design houses in the world today. 
  6. DOLCE & GABBANA. This dynamic duo in the world of fashion can call some of the worlds most famous as their clients. Their sexy style is adored by women around the globe. There cool look flatters any age. 
  7. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN This edgy designer brought a whole new twist to the fashion world. His clothes were unprecedented and his fashion shows were a theatrical journey. His use of the untraditional runway models brought light  always left the people buzzing. Unfortunately the world lost a true creative genius, and this fashion original will truly be missed. 
  8. DIOR Christian Dior knew how to design elegant clothing for the Parisian woman and his style was admired around the globe. Dior was one of the first designers to license his name on other products such as perfume jewelry and accessories. Truly a man with foresight in the business of fashion.
  9. RALPH LAUREN. The reigning king of ready-to-wear has been a household name in fashion for decades. Lauren defined the "preppy" look in the world of fashion. Chances are everyone you know owns or have owned something from Ralph Lauren. The true definition of a fashion giant. 
  10. MARC JACOBS. This mans cutting edge designs have put him in the spotlight as one of the great American designers of today. His handbags have become a must have in woman's wardrobe around the world. He clearly knows what a woman likes and what she looks good in. His edgy yet feminine style has mass appeal in fashion.
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