10 Best Fashion Modeling Schools

Curious about the 10 best fashion modeling schools? So many aspiring models out there don't know where to begin in their careers. Little do they know, there are so many experienced individuals and companies who are willing to train them and impart the knowledge necessary to take them to the next step. Taking fashion modeling classes with a professional modeling school will show you how to walk down a runway, turn, pose and improve your modeling skills. But most importantly, taking classes will help you learn the guidelines you will need to audition. So if you do not know where to begin, consider checking out some of the best fashion modeling schools on this list. Additional information on each can be found at the links below.

  1. Barbizon Modeling School.  Barbizon International has various locations around the world. This is one of the largest fashion modeling schools and is a highly respected modeling and acting center.
  2. Julie Nation Modeling School. The Julie Nation Academy is a fashion modeling school that provides personal development and educational services to everyone from four-year-old children to senior citizens. The classes and workshops are aimed to accelerate confidence, modeling skills and knowledge.
  3. John Robert Powers Schools. This company prepares children, teens and adults for courses in  modeling, acting and self-development. It is the most famous and powerful school in the industry.
  4. John Casablancas. John Casablancas is an entrepreneur who founded the world's largest modeling and acting center and Elite Model Management.
  5. Cinderella  Modeling School. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, this school educates aspiring models, actors and parents about the road to success and the necessary information to make it big in the industry.
  6. Prestige Model & Talent. Located in North Beach Miami, Florida, this fashion modeling school helps create the face of the artist or model at hand. The school creates opportunities that are beneficial for both aspiring models and actors in all categories.
  7. Steele Model & Talent Management. This fashion modeling school has been giving educational seminars for over 30 years that have made a difference in the success or failure of many aspiring models. Providing you with the best exposure is their goal.
  8. Fair Academy Modeling & Agency. Fair Academy provides a platform for models and actors, even television extras, to gain exposure in the world of beauty and glamour.
  9. Gramercy Models Inc. This school is located in New York. They're always looking for new faces to represent and provide their models with over ten years of expertise in the fashion industry. 
  10. Elegance School of Modeling. The Elegance School of Modeling gives each aspiring individual the confidence that is most important to further her career. This school gives students the opportunity to work among and network with different clients to build professional relationships and future references.


John Robert Powers School System

Barbizon Modeling School

Julie Nation Modeling School

John Casablancas

Cinderella Modeling School

Prestige Model Agency

Steele Model Agency

Elegance Schools

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