10 Best Fast Workout Songs

To keep your exercise music play list fast paced and energetic you need at least ten of the best fast workout songs. Everyone knows that the right workout song will keep you moving even when you feel like throwing in the towel. The great thing about faster music is that you of course have to move faster which means you are burning more calories, but in the event that you have to slow down, you can usually still follow the beat pretty well. These songs are not only fast great for working out but you can enjoy them anytime. Workout music isn’t limited to the awful music you hear on workout DVD’s. These songs span many different genres so there’s something there for everyone.

  1. “Pump It Up” -The Black Eyed Peas. This song is a great song to begin your workout with. It is the perfect pace to get a steady flow of exercise started.
  2. “Technologic”- Daft Punk. With extremely catchy lyrics, and a great beat, Technologic is the perfect song to keep your workout moving along. You’ll get so   caught up in the lyrics and the music that you just might forget you’re working out!
  3. “Pon De Replay”- Rihanna. Rihanna’s earlier music had a very upbeat fast paced sound and Pon De Replay is no exception. This song has a fun club vibe that will get you moving and dropping pounds in no time.
  4. “Hey Ya” – OutKast. With catchy lyrics, a great melody and a fast pace, it’s no surprise that “Hey Ya” is one of the best fast workout songs.
  5. “In a Dream” – Rockell. This song just may be one of the fastest on the list. The beat is quick and the music is great for a high energy workout.
  6. “The New Workout Plan” – Kanye West.  This song gets right down to business. The music is fun and the lyrics are all about working out. You can play this one on repeat for a while and not tire of it.
  7. “Footloose” – Kenny Loggins. Not only is this song popular but the music is great. It’s no surprise that the song is used in a film of the same name that revolves around getting up on your feet and moving. Footloose is one of the best fast workout songs, and has been for many years.
  8. “Thanks For The Memories” – Fall Out Boy. Most people don’t think of working out to rock songs but this one has a great beat and is fast enough. It’s a loud song that will make you want to get up and jump around.
  9. “Too Much Booty in the Pants” – 2 Live Crew. This song is a popular dance song so why not use it for your workout needs? You’ll be on your feet in no time with this fast workout song.
  10. “Kiss Kiss” – Chris Brown. Chris brown has a lot of high energy songs and Kiss Kiss is one of them that can also be used as a great fast workout song. Turn up the volume on this one; you’ll probably end up singing along. 
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