10 Best Fat Stand Up Comedians

If you're a fan of offbeat comedy, then you need to know about the ten best fat stand up comedians of all time. These men might have had a little more than necessary around the waistline, but they definitely made up for it with their gut-busting jokes and unique sense of humor. If you're ready to laugh, then be sure to take note of the best fat stand up comedians who have ever been in the industry.

  1. Gabriel Iglesias. One of the more up and coming names on this list, he's still one of the best fat stand up comedians for his numerous television specials. He's best known for giving people a new view on the term "fluffly."
  2. Dave Attell. Famous for making jokes about sex in questionable places and drinking whiskey like it's water, this comedian knows he's out of shape and tends to use that fact to great comedic effect. He used to be the host of the travel show "Insomniac," where he would travel to random cities and mingle with the locals during the later hours of the night.
  3. Cedric the Entertainer. Considered by many to be one of the best fat stand up comedians in the Kings of Comedy troupe, he was a mainstay on HBO and the famous Apollo Theater. He is also known for his roles in the "Babershop" movies.
  4. Ralphie May. One of the best fat stand up comedians who joked about his weight, Ralphie participated in the television reality show "Celebrity Fit Club" with the hopes of shedding some pounds. Though he still jokes about his weight, he's reportedly still trying to lose some more weight for the betterment of his health.
  5. Artie Lange. A regular on the Howard Stern show, Artie is best known for his nonchalant views on taboo subjects and his particularly filthy mouth. He also recently penned an autobiography aptly named "Too Fat To Fish."
  6. Rodney Dangerfield. An older dog amongst the best fan stand up comedians, he's constantly looking for someone to show him some respect. His amazing handle on self deprecating humor has caused him to become a household name and lead him to star in many hit movies.
  7. Ron White. Not only one of the best fat stand up comedians, but considered by many to be the only funny member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He's never seen on stage without a glass of scotch and a fine cigar.
  8. Zach Galifianakis. Though a relative newcomer to the stand up game, he's had quite the underground following over the years. It wasn't until his role in the hit comedy "The Hangover" did he become a regular name amongst comedic legends.
  9. Lenny Clarke. One of the best fat stand up comedians for his honesty about himself. Lenny has been known to poke fun at his weight and past drug abuse. He currently stars with Denis Leary in the FX drama "Resuce Me."
  10. Louie Anderson. Best known for ranting about his depression and his father during his acts, Louie Anderson embodies the idea of the angry comedian. Despite this, his biggest claim to fame is being the creator and inspiration behind the children's cartoon show, "Life With Louie."
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