10 Best Female Blues Guitarists

These excellent ten blues female guitarists define old and new school blues. Great female guitarists such as Melissa Etheridge, Allison Robertson from the band "The Donnas" or famous stage spitter Joan Jett will always be deemed the masters. However, they lack the blues shift in genre, unlike the ten best blues female guitarists below.

  1. Nancy Wilson is known as one of the sexiest and most talented female guitarists, ever. Nancy Wilson's band, "Heart" topped charts on multiple occasions thanks to Nancy and her sister Anne. Nancy Wilson makes playing any form of music on guitar, including the blues, appear easy. Nancy Wilson's songs include "Barracuda" and "Dog and Butterfly."
  2. Bonnie Raitt is known to provide listeners with some old fashioned blues here and there. Raitt has the music education and experience that most could only dream of as her teachers included Eric Clapton among others. Raitt has a nice line of songs including "Something To Talk About" and "Thing Called Love."
  3. Rory Block has what it takes to slide down the neck of a guitar without missing her mark. Block is an excellent female slide guitarist who lifts the blues back to the original format. Rory Block has a classic blues sound that can take a person back to the hound dog days at porch-side. Rory Block's songs include "Crossroad Blues," "Travelin' Blues" and "Lovin' Fool."
  4. Etta Baker is one of North Carolina's finest historical female blues guitarists. This seriously driven finger picker came out with some great blues songs including "One-Dime Blues," "Never Let Your Deal Go Down" and "Lost John."
  5. Sue Foley lives for the blues and it shows. Foley masters the blues on, and off, stage with songs including "Queen Bee," "New Used Car," "Sugar" and "Mother."
  6. Susan Tedeschi can bring blue shivers down the spine, in a good way. Tedeschi's songs include "It's Up To You," "Gonna; Write Him a Letter" and "Wrapped in the Arms of Another."
  7. Memphis Minnie would always be considered one of the female pioneers of the blues. A great inspiration and historic treasure, Memphis Minnie's early releases include "My Baby Don't Want Me No More," "I'm Not a Bad Girl" and "Sweet Man."
  8. Ana Popovic is defined by many listeners as funky sprinkled in blues. Ana Popovic is one of the hottest stage acts today. She's not only a great performer, she's noted as having a sexy stage presence. Ana's songs include "Blues for M," "The Only Reason" and "Navajo Moon."
  9. Etta James is a better female blues guitarist than vocalist, hands down. Etta's songs include covers of "Smokestack Lightning" and "Lil Red Rooster."
  10. Debbie Davis could play the blues blindfolded. With songs including "A.C. Strut," "Movin' and Groovin'" and "Where the Blues Come to Die," Davis has been noted for making the blues appear easy to accomplish on a six string. 
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