10 Best Female Christian Songs

According to “Billboard Magazine,” the following singles are the ten best female Christian songs of 2010. They are some of the most popular Christian songs of the year, as determined by radio airplay. With their uplifting sounds and encouraging lyrics, these songs by the genre’s top female recording artists speak to the Christian’s heart and spirit.

  1. “What Love Really Means.” “What Love Really Means” is a hit single by J.J. Heller. The top female Christian song of the year, this single is from her album, “When I’m With You.” A hurting child, a lonely woman, a man in a prison cell–all wonder, “who will love me for me?” “I will love you for you,” they hear, as the voice within their hearts points to Jesus as the answer.
  2. “Hallelujah.” Another top female Christian song is “Hallelujah,” a single by Heather Williams, from her self-titled debut album. Williams’ song is both a praise and a prayer. “I have fallen so far, flat on my face, I’m in need of your grace today,” she sings, as she lifts her voice in prayer. “Hallelujah,” she sings in praise of God.
  3. “Hanging On.” “Hanging On” is a single by Britt Nicole, from her “Acoustic” album. The popular female Christian singer shares a song of praise and thanks to her Lord, as she aligns herself with God’s word. “I’m hanging on to every word that You speak,” she sings, “‘cause it’s all that I need.”
  4. “No Matter What.” “No Matter What” is a hit single from Kerrie Robert’s self-titled debut album. “I’m running back to your promises one more time, Lord,” she sings. The song is a declaration of her love and trust in God, no matter what happens in her life.
  5. “Beautiful, Beautiful.” “Beautiful, Beautiful” is a single by Francesca Battistelli, from her debut album, “My Paper Heart.” The song is a soulful, joy-filled love song to Jesus Christ, whom Battistelli calls, “beautiful, beautiful.”
  6. “Better Than A Hallelujah.” “Better Than A Hallelujah” is a single by well-known Christian recording artist Amy Grant. From her album, “Somewhere Down the Road,” Grant’s new hit song touches the heart and lifts the spirit. The song reminds audiences that actions speak louder than words, even better than a “hallelujah.”
  7. “Born Again.” “Born Again,” a single by Christian rock group Third Day, features the vocals of Lacey Mosley, now known as Lacey Sturm. Sturm is the lead singer for the Christian metal band, Flyleaf. “I wasn’t looking for something that was more than I had yesterday,” she sings. But Jesus came along, and with her new life and love, she feels “born again.”
  8. “Headphones.” “Headphones” is another hit female Christian song from Britt Nicole’s “Acoustic” album. Her song is an encouragement to lonely, broken people everywhere. “Anytime you feel alone, put on your headphones,” she sings, adding that love is coming through.
  9. “Walking.” “Walking” is a Christian single by R&B gospel duo, Mary Mary. The song is from their album, “Something Big,” set to release in 2011. “God is a present help in time of trouble,” the duo sings, in this uplifting female Christian song based on Psalm 46.
  10. “You’ll Never Thirst.” Rounding out the ten best female Christian songs of the year is “You’ll Never Thirst,” by Juanita Bynum. The single is from “More Passion,” perhaps one of the best worship albums of the decade. Bynum sings about a woman whose life is filled with pain, hurt, and rejection. “Jesus saw the desert in her soul,” she sings, and she will never thirst again.
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