10 Best Female Duet Songs

All of the songs on the list of the 10 best female duet songs are songs filled with lovely harmony and intense musical impacts. A duet has the tendency to be rich with varieties, making it stand out from other songs. A duet with women? That goes to even greater heights.

  1. Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra Gray “You Thought Wrong” Both of these woman rose to fame on “American Idol.” They team up to sing about a player who gets what he deserves in the end.
  2. Beyonce and Shakira “Beautiful Liar” Beyonce’s soulful roots paired with Shakira’s Latin-based taste blend perfectly in this song. The ladies sing about a man who lied, but for the right reasons.
  3. Reba McEntire and Faith Hill “Sleeping With the Telephone” These country stars paired together to put out this Southern song. The song tells the story of a military wife waiting for her husband to call home.
  4. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston “When You Believe” Both of these women have powerful voices and together, their song is beautiful. This song has Christian values embedded in it.
  5. Barbra Stresiand and Celine Dion “Tell Him” This song is about a crush. These ladies take a childhood thing and make it a song woman of all ages can relate to.
  6. Brandy and Monica “The Boy is Mine” These ladies have deep R&B feel to their voices. Both of these women want the same man and they are fighting for the same thing.
  7. Barara Striesand and Donna Summer “Enough is Enough” Both of these woman have rich voices. When they blend those voices together, it is complete harmony.
  8. Madonna and Britney Spears “Me Against The Music” A music legend and a pop idol paired together to make an irresistible song. They have similar influences but from different generations.
  9. Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson “I Know Him So Well” Each artist brings a different melody to this song. One plays the wife, one plays the mistress. They both love him deeply, but who knows him better? That’s what the song argues.
  10. Whitney Houston and Deborah Cox “Same Script, Different Cast” These woman have powerful voices. Whitney is the former lover of Deborah’s new boyfriend and Whitney is desperate to show Deborah the man’s hurtful ways.
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