10 Best Female French Singers

This is a list of 10 best French female singers ranging from the operatic to the classic 60s to Modern-Contemporary french music. It is a list that names some of the most versatile female French singers known to the world. You don't have to know the language in order to feel the emotion and be inspired by the music in their voices.

  1. Edith Piaf. There is not a lot to say about Edith Piaf except that she is the hallmark of French female singers. She is the proper singer to be introduced into not only the French culture but to French music as well. She captured her country's attention with "La Vie En Rose" and was brought to everyone's attention with her recording of "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" used in the film "Inception" (2010).
  2. Regine Crespin. We are proud to feature Crespin as our first operatic voice on our list. Her singing range as a Soprano will astound you with her clear diction and unattainable notes such as in the song "Un Bel Di Vedremi" and that is only one of the many songs of hers we enjoy listening to.
  3. Frederica Von Stade. She is our second operatic voice to make our list and like Regine Crespin, she is at the top of her class as a Soprano. We recommend listening not only to her operatic performances in "Chants d'Auvergne" and Mozart's "Le Nozze Di Figaro" but to her Broadway performances as well.
  4. Carla Bruni. It is her smokey and sensual voice in her songs such as "Mon Amie La Rose" and "Le Toi Du Moi" that she we think she is one of the best French female singers.
  5. Charlotte Gainesbourg. What kind of list would it be without the daughter of the famous French talent Serge Gainesbourg? Charlotte's breathy voice combined with her indie-instrumental arrangement makes you want to listen to her when it's a rainy day. Some of her songs we recommend: "Little Monsters," "Jamais", and "Tel Que Tu Es."
  6. Mireille Mathieu. Her voice is soft and easy to listen to when you want some music to relax to. She has done her own beautiful rendition of  the popular "La Mer" and her own song, "Qu'elle Est Belle."
  7. Camille. If you like musicians and singers like Regina Spektor and Sarah Barielles, you will love this French singer named Camille. "1,2,3" and "Paris" are two of our favorite songs of hers.
  8. Emilie Simon. Her Lolita/Broken Doll style of dress and stage performances is just one aspect of this incredibly talented musician and singer-songwriter. She is one person who deserves to be widely-known but has quite hit that mark yet. Her unique talent shows through in her songs "Sweet Blossoms" and "Fleur De Saison."
  9. Bridgett Bardot. Not a lot of people know that this sex symbol had a brief singing career, but she did. While her vocals are not fantastic, her voice does bring back the nostalgia and fun of the 1960s Flower Power music. Bardot teamed with another famous French music icon in the song "Bonnie and Clyde" with Serge Gainsbourg and captures the mod sound with the song,"Moi Je Joue."
  10. Josephine Baker. Baker is the only singer on this list who was not born in France but she had a large impact on French culture when she became an established entertainer and singer in France as a French citizen. Her voice has a personality of its own which makes her one of the best French female singers. Her songbook features both French songs including "J'ai Deux Amours," and English songs including"Blue Skies."
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