10 Best Female Graffiti Artists

The 10 best female graffiti artists come from a long line of history. From the early 70's to the present, they all have unique styles. Their styles are hints of personality that only graffiti artists can appreciate.

  1. Barbara 62. Hailing from Manhattan, Barbara 62 made graffiti art a girl's game as well. She was one of the first female graffiti artists to gain attention in the early 70's. She would tag on subways and streets throughout New York City. With Such a feminine name, people had to do a double-take.
  2. Eva 62. Eva 62 was in cahoots with Barbara 62. They were often seen tagged side-by-side. Eva 62 was known for enjoying tagging directly besides the heavy hitting, male graffiti artists in the 70's. Her graffiti was limited to a single tag, typically with one color.
  3. Lil Love 2. In the mid to late 70's, female graffiti artists weren't dominate on the streets. However, Lil Love 2 would accompany her brother, Lee in tagging. She made sure to help with lay-ups and kept the female momentum going.
  4. Lady Pink. Also known as simple, Pink, Lady Pink is one of the greatest female graffiti artists from '79 to present. Her artistic abilities are what garnished the attention of the graffiti community. Even more so, her work has been featured at the Whitney Museum and the Bronx Museum.
  5. Lady Heart. During the 80's, Lady Heart accompanied Pink with her subway graffiti art. Lady Heart was known for being all over the place. Her quality wasn't up to par with Lady Pink, but her quantity was outstanding.
  6. Chic SS. Similar to Lady Heart, Chic. SS was an dominant female graffiti artist in the 80's. She had a style the was unique. Her use of color was astounding and blended seamlessly.
  7. Bambi. Bambi wasn't as soft hearted as her name eluded. She was known for her aggressive images. Where most female graffiti artists used a bit of whimsy, Bambi used a bit of masculinity.
  8. Lady Bug. During the mid to late 80's, Lady Bug stood out among the crowd. She would do amazing lay-ups on the BMT division. Along with that, she made the men shake in their boots with her imagery.
  9. Ms. Maggs. From the early 90's to present day, female graffiti artists have evolved their tricks of the trade. Ms. Maggs is a sterling example of that. By using burners and roller letters, she has shown what female graffiti art is all about. Her impact on today's graffiti is much more dominant than that of the men.
  10. Claw. Using an androgynous name like Claw, only the graffiti community knows she is female. She has been known to disappear, then make dramatic comebacks. She is currently reinstating herself with a comeback accompanied by Miss 17.
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