10 Best Female Jazz Songs

If you are getting into Jazz, then you should definitely know the women play hard ball in this genre, so the 10 best female Jazz songs are definitely something to keep in mind. These songs are the greatest of the greats when it comes to female Jazz songs. Don’t be fooled though, these women can easily compete with their male counterparts in Jazz!

  1. "At Last". Easily one of the popular Jazz songs by any male or female artist, this beautiful composition by Etta James is simply wonderful and this is evidenced by the general awareness that this song has generated in even the demographic that does not listen to jazz.
  2. "Cry Me a River". This timeless Jazz classic is one of the more popular female Jazz songs, and for good reason. Sung by Julie London, it exemplifies her beautiful vocals and talent in the genre.
  3. "Lullaby of Birdland". This song has been covered by many female Jazz artists; the recommended one is the Sara Vaughn version. It is a very uplifting song that forces a range out of the singer that many wouldn’t think is possible.
  4. "Send in the Clowns". This odd song by Cleo Lane will not be anything what you were expecting when you first look it up. Judging by the title you’d think it would have a go lucky feeling, but it actually has a sadder tone to it that will probably throw you off.
  5. "Trouble Trouble". This interesting female Jazz song by Betty Roche has that classic blues message, but is done in the style of Jazz. This idea of the song is what makes it so interesting because it’s got the problems that are associated with blues but once again, is done in the upbeat Jazz sound.
  6. "Face it Girl, It’s Over". Definitely a balls to the wall Jazz song, this song gets into your face and says what it needs to say. For this reason, this song is may not be universally liked but if you are in a happy position where this hasn’t happened to you, then you will probably see the brilliance and beauty in the message of this song.
  7. "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend". Probably the most popular song by Jazz female artist Marilyn Monroe for the simple reason that it is a great song that will make any lady feel great whether she believes the message or not.
  8. "Stormy Weather". One of the other more popular female Jazz songs, Stormy Weather has an instrumental backing that you will probably recognize as soon as you hear it. The best version is probably going to be found in the beloved Etta James but it has been covered by a few people that you may end up liking better such Lenna Horne and Billie Holiday.
  9. "Summertime". The most popular version by Billie Holiday, this is another one of those feel good Jazz female songs songs because it discusses the wonder of summertime. It even has the happy instrument sound to back it up!
  10. "My Man". Another one by Billie Holiday, this shows what this Female Jazz singer sounded like as she matured in her career. It is slower than Summertime but displays Mrs. Holidays great range and ability to sing those happy and those more deep songs!
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