10 Best Female Killer Movies

Want to know what the 10 best female killer movies are? Female killer movies have an allure about them. Most men adore women so much they can't imagine a female as a killer. The world is full of aggressive women who sometimes turn to murder. From time to time artists bring the nature of these aggressive women, real or made-up, to our attention in their movies. This is a list of the 10 best female killer movies.

  1. "Basic Instinct." About a drop-dead gorgeous woman suspected of murder. This highly intelligent female killer passes her polygraph test and goes on to seduce the male detective investigating her possible guilt. This female killer movie also has a twist on the end that you don't want to miss.
  2. "Monster." The sometimes sad true story of serial killer Aileen Wuornos. This female killer movie shows the human side and the monster side of the most prolific female serial killer in American history. This female killer movie chronicles the murders of this female's victims. Be warned, this movie has very graphic rape and murder scenes.
  3. "The Strangers." This film is based on real events. Ruthless and cold during their murdering, this female killer movies has two female killers and one male. They never utter a word as they terrorize a husband and wife in their home. At the end of this movie is where you will hear one of the female killers speak a single line of dialog that will send chills down your spine.
  4. "Saw 2." The female killer in this movie is Jigsaw's former victim Amanda. Amanda carries on Jigsaw's work of kidnapping and making victims fight to survive games/traps in order to stay alive. Amanda is dedicated to the work and like Jigsaw, she doesn't consider herself a killer. Amanda's victims have all taken their lives and others for granted.
  5. "Misery." This seemingly naive female killer saves the life of her favorite novelist by pulling him out of his wrecked car. She nurses him back to health in her home and she has an excuse every time he wants to make contact with the outside world. She commits just one murder in the movie. The movie has lots of shocking twists and a surprise ending.
  6. "The Exorcist."  One of the most shocking films of all time. The female killer in this movie is a twelve year old girl who is possessed by the devil. Two priests attempt to exorcise the girl of the devil and she kills one in the process. What this female movie killer does to everyone that comes into her presence while possessed must be seen.
  7. "The Last House On The Left." Warning, this film has a very brutal rape scene. After attacking two young women, the  perpetrators find their way to the home of one of the victims. The surviving victim makes her way home where her mother and father put the pieces of her attack together. This mother and father team wastes no time to exact their form of justified homicide on their daughter's attackers.
  8. "Jennifer's Body." This female killer movies revolves around a once shy girl who falls victim to psychosis. This female killer returns to her home town as something of a demon possessed succubus who seduces her victims and then kills them.
  9. "Kill Bill Vol.1." There is lots of exciting sword play in this female killer movie. A bride wakes up from a coma and realizes her unborn baby is dead, she sets out to kill those responsible for her child's death.
  10. "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte." About a wealthy female who's sanity falls victim to a cousin and old flame who she confides in for support. After enough of their psychological torture and blackmail, she resorts to killing them.
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