10 Best Female Love Songs

These 10 best female love songs prove that while male love songs may still be more prevalent, men haven't cornered the market on ballads yet. You'll find originals and covers, oldies and new songs, jazz, blues, pop, and soul. Cuddle up with the one you love and let these ladies sing their hearts out.

  1. "Come Away With Me." Norah Jones nails this beautiful song every time she performs it. Norah Jones will be inspiring couples for years to come. Or else she'll be inspiring angsty teens to run away together. Either way.
  2. "Songbird." Fleetwood Mac handed the reins over to Christine McVie instead of usual female vocalist Stevie Nicks for this gorgeous love song. Though the band arguably endured more breakups and hookups than any other group, they still managed to pull off a sincere ballad. McVie's original version is timeless, but be sure to also check out Eva Cassidy's version as well.
  3. "To Make You Feel My Love." Hold your horses, Garth Brooks fans. We know he did it first. And yes, we also know he's not a woman. Modern female artist Adele does a cover of this song that's heartbreaking.
  4. "The Very Thought of You" Billie Holiday has thoughts of you that make her forget to do the little ordinary things that everyone out to do. Like laundry. Or showering. She may not say that exactly, but we're reading between the lines here.
  5. "Save Me." Aimee Mann wrote a love song for all the anti-love song folks out there. With lyrics like "Save me from the ranks of the freaks who suspect they could never love anyone," you know it's not going to be your typical roses-and-sunshine love song. Even without the clichés, Mann delivers a powerful and passionate song.
  6. "Unforgettable" Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole may have one a Grammy for their duet version of this song, but since a man was involved we had to give it to Dinah Washington instead. A powerhouse vocalist in her own right, Washington's "Unforgettable" is well worth a listen.
  7. "Thank You" Even if you got sick of this song thanks to Eminem's "Stan," you've got to admit Dido's got a good love song here. Who didn't walk around in 2000 crooning, "I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life?"
  8. "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman." Aretha Franklin sells this song like the queen that she is. This is a love song with teeth, and you know Aretha wouldn't have it any other way.
  9. "Baby Now That I've Found You." It was such a toss-up between this song by Alison Kraus or her other well-known love song, "When You Say Nothing At All." Pick your poison. They're both stellar love songs.
  10. "At Last" We round out the list with this eternal favorite by Etta James. It's one of the few songs we can hear over and over without becoming cliché. We're looking at you, Whitney Houston.
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