10 Best Female Olympic Athletes Ever

You enjoy the Olympic games glued to the television once every four years and want to know who were the 10 best female Olympic athletes ever. For that piece of trivia we must revisit the past years and the modern era. What made these fine female Olympic athletes great were their determination to win gold medals, no matter the age, no matter how hard they had to train and no matter the obstacles they had to overcome. They were going to be the best and no one could stop them.

  1. Nadia Comanci – Romanian, Gymnast 1976 Montreal. Nadia’s the very first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in Olympic history at the tender age of 14. She went on to score seven more perfect 10s! She won 3 gold medals and set a precedent of excellence in gymnastic.
  2. Wilma Rudolph – American, Track & Field 1960 Rome. Wilma was the first American female Olympic athlete to win 3 gold medals in a single Olympic game earning her a spot as one of the ten best female Olympians ever. She was the fastest woman on earth who overcame polio, scarlet fever and pneumonia as a child.
  3. Bonnie Blair – American, Speedskater 1988 Calgary, 1992 Albertville, 1994 Lillehammer. Bonnie has won more gold medals than any other American in history, five in all spanning across three Olympic games. She skated like the wind and straight into the history books as one of the top ten best female Olympic athletes ever.
  4. Jackie Joyner-Kersee – American. Track & Field 1988 Seoul, 1992 Barcelona. Jackie’s career as an Olympian spanned from 1988-1996. She won three gold medals in the Heptathlon and long jump over four consecutive Olympic games. Uber athlete, leader and role model Jackie at the head of the class as top drawer in the 10 best female Olympic athletes ever in history.
  5. Mia Hamm – American, Soccer 1996 Atlanta, 2004 Athens. Ham born with a partial clubfoot but this did not prevent this super star athlete from competing in three Olympic games winning two gold medals with her soccer mates. She currently holds the record for most international goals for male or female at 158.
  6. Sonja Henie – Norway, Figure Skater 1928 St. Moritz, 1932 Lake Placid, 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Sonja won three gold medals in three consecutive Olympics. A feat that will probably never be repeated by any female Olympic athlete ever again. She was a pioneer who popularized fancy skating costumes to execute spins and jumps with greater ease.
  7. Cheryl Miller – American, Women’s Basketball 1984 Los Angeles. Miller dominated the sport of women’s basketball led her team to win a gold medal. This four-time All American sassy player considered one of the best basketball players ever.
  8. Janet Evans – American, Swimmer 1988 Seoul, 1992 Barcelona. Evans set the record as the first American swimmer to win four gold medals in the Olympics. She broke world records in her long distance swimming. Definitely top ten best female Olympians in the record books.
  9. Dorothy Hamill – American, Figure Skating 1976 Innsbruck. With her “Hamill-camel” original spin and short hair do, Dorothy not only won a gold medal at the young age of 19 but she also brought ice skating into the international spotlight. She became an icon elevating ice skating as “cool” like no other before her.
  10. Mary Lou Retton – American, Gymnast 1984 Los Angeles. With the guidance as the same coach as Comanci, wide-smile Mary Lou became the first American female Olympian to win a gold medal at any Olympic game. Scoring perfect "10"s she won the hearts of the world and considered one of the very best female Olympians ever to compete raising the bar of gymnastic skill to a new level during the '84 games.

These top ten best female Olympians were the greatest in their field. Their excellence in performance under pressure, their endurance against all odds and their unconquerable spirit led each one to that coveted goal medal and into the record books. Did we forget to mention they were also hot. Athletic and beautiful, dudes, they rocked it out!

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