10 Best Female Pop Artists

If you are looking for a milder substitute to rock and roll, pop music is perfect for you with the 10 best female pop artists rendering their beautiful voices to this genre of music. Female Pop Artists have been criticized for producing romantic songs only. However, this criticism is completely shunned when you listen to songs such as, “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)” by Pink Floyd and “Respect” by Arethra Franklin. The list below of best female pop artists is sure to awaken the pop star in you.

  1. Madonna: With record breaking hits ranging from “Ray of Light” to “Confessions of a Dance Floor,” this music queen is sure to bag the first spot in your list of 10 best female pop artists. She has a breathtaking voice and an ability to reinvent herself and her music each time.
  2. Lady Gaga: She has got the style, the drama, the looks and the voice to be in your list of 10 best female pop artists. Lady Gaga can make you dance and lift your mood with her music anytime of the day.
  3. Beyonce: Add energy to your list of 10 best female pop artists. Enjoy her upbeat,”Single Ladies” which made her earn the honor of being the first female to win six Grammy Awards in one night.
  4. Shakira: She has all the ingredients to be amongst the 10 best female pop artists. She will make you move, sing and enjoy the true fun flavor of life.
  5. Britney Spears: Your list of 10 best female pop artists would be toxic without Britney Spears. She came back in the scene in 2004 and won a Grammy Award with her high pitched song, “Toxic.” Spears still remains the most well-known female pop artists with “Baby One More Time,” being the most memorable of her songs.
  6. Carley Simon: This 1970s diva is still considered amongst the 10 best female pop artists because of her incredibly sung and written song, "You’re so Vain". The song gained immense popularity because of its deep lyrics mainly.
  7. Rihanna: With songs like “Rude Boy” and “Umbrella,” Rihanna has surely reached heights of fame and appreciation from critics and song lovers all around the world and is a definite inclusion in your list of 10 best female pop artists.
  8. Katty Perry: Your list of 10 best female pop artists would not be complete without this sensational pop singer. She rose to fame with the controversial single, “I Kissed A Girl” and is still enjoying success with her new album,” Teenage Dreams.”
  9. Kelly Clarkson:  A definite in your list of 10 best female pop artists, this lady sung “Since U Been Gone” with such perfect vocals and expression that it topped charts around the world along the US pop chart. A treat to listen to!
  10. Pink: Pink is an upbeat addition to your list of 10 best female pop artists with her hit pop songs, ”Get the Party Started” and “So What” in 2001 and 2008 respectively.



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