10 Best Female Rap Songs

Although there are not as many female rapper as there are male ones, here are 10 of the best female rap songs. You might be surprised to see how tough some of these ladies actually are. From the origins of female rap to the most contemporary female rappers, here are the best female rap songs.

  1. "Unity" Queen Latifah. Queen Latifah is certainly the pioneer for all female rappers. She came onto the scene and changed how people looked at female hip hop artists. Her song "Unity" is a great song with a great message. It calls for people to forget their differences and unite as one.
  2. "Love is Blind" Eve. This song is about a woman who has a girlfriend who was abused by her boyfriend. "Tried and tried but she never could escape you." She ends up getting pregnant and ultimately killed by this man. Her friend takes matters into her own hands and shoots him dead.
  3. "Expression" Salt n Pepa. Here is a rap duo who were also pivotal is gaining acceptance for female rappers. "You know life is all about expression. You only live once, and you're not coming back, so express yourself." This female rap song is clearly one of the best.
  4. "What You Like" Da Brat. "I like em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian, with good conversation, plenty of big faces." This is a fun rap that is full of attitude and swagger. It has a great beat that will keep you moving.
  5. "Work It" Missy Elliot. Another female rap song with attitude. She has as much confidence as any man and even says: "I make it hot as Las Vegas weatha." This song is certainly as hot.
  6. "Letter to the Firm" Foxy Brown. Forget Wall Street, if you want to hear about a cutthroat businesswoman, look no farther. This woman is married to the business and will do anything to protect it. She even compares herself to Scarlet O'Hara, the original woman to be reckoned with.
  7. "Magic Stick" Lil Kim. This female rap song proves that a woman can be just as dirty as a man. Featuring 50 cent, one of the bad boys of rap, you get the female and male perspective of the pull that males and females can have on one another.
  8. "Doo Wop That Thing" Lauryn Hill. While some of these female rap songs are great because they are tough, Hill's song, showcases the softer side of female rap. "Don't be a hard rock, when you really are a gem. Baby girl! Respect is just the minimum."
  9. "Paper Thin" MC Lyte. "That dream is over: you gotta sink it. And I tell all of you like I told all of them. What you say to me is just paper thin." This female rap song has a great message; it doesn't matter what you say only what you actually do.
  10. "Eve of Destruction" Eve. Since she is one of the best female rappers, she makes the list twice. Eve is truly a force in the rap world, and this song shows you why. It has a raw quality and is unforgettable as are all of these best of female rap songs.  
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