10 Best Female R&B Artists Of The ’90s

If you missed R&B in the '90s, learn about 10 best female R&B Artists of the '90s. The following are the best female individual artists or groups of the '90s. They are listed in no particular order.

  1. TLC. TLC made their R&B debut in 1992 with "Oooohh on the TLC Tip." This album was very successful and went  quadruple-platinum in 1993. "Ooohhh on the TLC tip" was on the US Hot 100 top-ten singles. In 1996 TLC's Album, "CrazySexyCool" won a Grammy for best R&B Album.
  2. Monica. Monica is one of the best female R&B artist of the '90s. Specifically, Monica's hit single, "The Boy is Mine"  which was performed with other top female R&B female artist, Brandy. "The Boy Is Mine", which went triple-platinum was Monica’s biggest-selling album. Other popular songs on "The Boy is Mine" include, "Angel of Mine" and "The First Night." 
  3. Mary J. Blige. This best female R&B artist of the '90s won nine Grammy Awards. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Blige in the the top 100 greatest singers of all time. In addition to her Grammy Awards, Blige received the "World Music Legends Award" for her fusion of the styles of hip hop and soul music. Blige has recorded eight albums (all have gone platinum or higher). 
  4. Brandy. Brandy is one of the best female artist of the '90s. Brady emerged as an R&B artist in 1993 when she was still a teenager. Brandy released her first album, "Brandy" in 1994. Brandy released her second album in 1998, "Never Say Never."  
  5. Adina Howard. Adina Howard is probably best known for her hit R&B single, "Freak like me" from Howard's debut album, "Do you wanna ride?". Howard is also known for her provocative performances and dancing. Adina Howard recorded some other other hit songs, but they were not anywhere near as popular as "Freak Like me." Howard's other songs include "It's All About You" and "What's love Got to do with it," which was featured on the "Supercop" Soundtrack.
  6. Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston is well known for her single, "I Will Always Love You" and her role in the movie, "The Bodyguard". In addition to Houston's hit singles, she has also recorded 55 albums. Houston was ranked the fourth best-selling female artist in the United States in 2010. 
  7. Destiny's Child. Destiny's Child has sold over 40 million albums. Destiny's Child signed with Colombia Records in the late 90s. In 1998 Destiny's Child released their self titled album and a second album, "Writings on the Wall" a year after that. "Writing's on the Wall" was Destiny's Child's most popular album and featured their hit single, "Say My Name". 
  8. Aaliyah. Aaliyah released two albums in the '90s, "Age Aint Nothin' But a Number" (1994) and "One in a Million" (1996). "One in a Million" peaked at number 18 on the  selling over 3.7 million copies in the United States and over eight million copies worldwide. Aaliyah died prematurely at the age of 22 in a plane crash in the Bahamas in 2001.
  9. Janet Jackson. You might consider Janet Jackson to be more pop than R&B, but she did have some songs on the top 100 R&B Billboards in the '90s. Janet signed with Virgin Records, and released two multi-million dollar albums in the early '90s, "Janet " (1993) and "Rhythm Nation"(1990).  Janet Jackson was named the second most successful recording artist of the '90s.
  10. Mariah Carey. Billboard Magazine called Mariah Carry the most successful recording artist of the '90s. Mariah Carey was also the best female R&B artist and released seven R&B albums in the '90s alone. Mariah Carey released her first album in 1990 and was the first artist to succeed in creating five singles that would top the US Billboard Hot 100. Mariah Carey's most popular songs include, "One Sweet Day," "Fantasy" and "Honey."
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