10 Best Female Reggae Songs


There are several great female reggae singers with catchy songs, but only a select few made the cut for our 10 best female reggae songs . These ladies have marked a place in reggae history with these melodic reggae tunes.

  1. "Black Cinderella" by Sister Carol. Off the album "Black Cinderella,"  comes the single of the same name. The album and single was released in 1984. This reggae song also has a dancehall beat . Sister Carol (real name Carol Carol Theresa East) hails from Kingston, Jamaica but grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She also goes by the nickname Black Cinderella, which is also the name of her own record label. 
  2. "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" by Marcia Griffiths. Griffiths  was a member of the I Threes, along with Rita Marley and Judy Wowatt. Her song "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" is classic reggae song. Even if you're not familiar with this song, you probably know the lyrics. "Put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place, for you, and me, just wait and see."
  3. "It's a Pity" by Tanya Stephens. This song comes from Tanya Stephens's 2004 album "Gangsta Blues". Stephens hails from Kingston, Jamaica, and made a name for herself in the reggae world with "It's a Pity" (also known as "Doctor's Darling Riddim") and "Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet." She was named by the Washington Post as one of the Top Female Artists in Jamaica in 1998. 
  4. "No More Trouble" by Erykah Badu. A list of 10 best female reggae songs would be incomplete without the mention of Erykah Badu. She's performed with Wycleff Jean, Ziggy Marley and other male reggae legends. She sang "No More Trouble" at a Bob Marley tribute in 2008.
  5. "So Much Things to Say" by Rita Marley. This song is a pop-influenced reggae song by Rita Marley, the widow of Bob Marley. This melodic song was featured on her 1991 album "We Must Carry On."
  6. "Black Woman" by Judy Wowatt. This song is a favorite of many. Mowatt has a hauntingly beautiful voice which adds passion to "Black Woman". Born in 1952, Mowatt was a back up singer for Bob Marley. Her record "Working Wonders" was nominated for a Grammy in 1985.
  7. "Love that A Woman Should Give to a Man" by Althea Hewitt. The song, "Love that a Woman" is a mix of R&B and reggae. She's signed to VP Records and  her debut album "introducing Althea Hewitt" was released in 2008. Her style is influenced by jazz, R&B and of course reggae.
  8. "Don't Cry" by Dezarie. Dezarie won "Best New Female Reggae Artist" in 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, soon after her debut. She hails from St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The inspiration song, "Don't Cry," is off her debut album "Fya".
  9. "Don't Stay Away" by Phillys Dillion. This classic from the '70s makes our 10 best female reggae songs list. Her sweet voice is reminiscent of doo-wop singers of the 50s. Whether you're a fan of reggae or not, this song is quite universal and uplifting.
  10. "Telephone Love" by J.C. Lodge. This reggae song features the sultry voice of J.C. Lodge. This song, off the album "Tropic of Love",  has a hypnotic and relaxing beat. The song is about a long distance relationship with the chorus "you sound so sweet on the line."  
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