10 Best Female Rock Band Singers

If you love your music, then you're going to love this list of the 10 best female rock band singers. Despite popular belief, girls in rock bands don't just sing about the boys that they love in chemistry class or primping up their hair. Indeed, some of these vocals are hard enough to compete with some of the best boys in the business. This list of the best female rock band singers is sure to please any music lover as it spans the entirety of rock's rich history.

  1. Karen O. This charismatic lead singer for the "Yeah Yeah Yeahs" is known more for her outrageous stage antics than her off-beat musical style. She's reportedly spit beer into the audience and stimulated sex with her microphone during live shows; all of this on top of some of the best vocals we've ever heard on records.
  2. Joan Jett. The manifestation of rock and roll in the female form, Joan is as close to as certifiable Rock Goddess as we can get. Her harsh lyrical style and thrashing guitar style carved out a singular place for "The Runaways" in the history of rock. More so than that, she's one of the few female rock bands singers who carried her bad-ass attitude on and off the stage.
  3. Grace Slick. The lead vocalist of both "Jefferson Airplane" and "Jefferson Starship," her sultry voice is known for generations over. Especially with tracks like "White Rabbit," her lyrical style is as smooth and sweet as molasses, but as intoxicating as absinthe. It's impossible to ask for another female rock band singer to sound like her, but how amazing would that be?
  4. Annie Lennox. This spellbinding beauty is definitely one of the best female rock band singers despite having only a few hits. Fronting "The Eurythmics," she topped the charts with her bewildering ballad "Sweet Dreams," Lennox became known for a vocal style all unto herself. While we cannot say she is one of the best vocalists of the age, she belongs on the list for the sheer intensity behind her pipes.
  5. Amy Lee. Even though this goth-rocker has faded as of late, you cannot deny the power of the voice of this "Evanescence" lead singer. Putting a little bit of operatic training on the radio, Lee was most famous for having one of the best vocal ranges of a female rock band singer. Say what you will about her band's music, her amazing vocal ability cannot be denied.
  6. Wendy O. The lead singer of the punk rock band "The Plasmatics," Wendy's off-stage far outshone her presence during a concert, which itself was outrageous. With charges such as battery of an officer and obscene conduct in public racked up against her during her career, she is the embodiment of punk rock attitude. Tragically, she committed suicide near her home in 1998.
  7. Patti Smith. This leading lady has worked with Bruce Springsteen and inspired greats like "U2," how can she not be on this list? "The Patti Smith Group" is easily one of the most influential groups in the early punk rock movement, and it wouldn't have been so without her strong pipes. She's well deserving of her nickname, "the Godmother of Punk."
  8. Janis Joplin. It's impossible to mention blues rock without letting Janis creep into the conversation. It should be that way, seeing as she is one of the most influential artists in that genre, or of all time, for that matter. Her signature scratchy style of crooning has paved the way for artists such as "Pink," and she's been compared to rock legends like Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix.
  9. Pat Benatar. When you think of hard-hitting female vocals, of course Pat comes to mind. She was a rock powerhouse during the 1980's and most of her songs still stand out as inspirational anthems for female musicians everywhere. The strength she infuses into every line of song simply cannot be matched.
  10. Sinead O'Connor. Whatever your political stance may be, you cannot deny the power of O'Connor's vocal chords. The wispy yet powerful air she impregnates into every song is almost palpable, turning each line into poetry in motion. She's easily one of the best female rock band singers.
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