10 Best Female Rock Singers 2010

Some of these top 10 female rock singers are just starting to gain their popularity, while others have been topping the rock charts for a few years. When you think of a rocker out there on the stage there is probably a picture of a guy in your head, but some of the best rock singers to hit the stage are female.

  1. Amy Lee. Lee is the lead singer from Evanescence. The band has a punk rock feel with a sound that everyone can relate to. Their two albums have led them to platinum status nine times. 
  2. Avril Levine. Avril Levine was only 17-years-old when she released her first album. Even though she has topped the pop charts, her grunge/punk sound puts her on this list.
  3. Liz Phair. Phair started her career by releasing an album with a small independent record label. This debut album later became rated one of the top 500 greatest albums of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine. As her music became more popular and mainstream, this female starting recording more of a pop rock sound instead of the hard edgy rock of her early career. Her last album was released in 2005.
  4. Hayley Williams. Hayley Williams started the band Paramore. Her incredible voice is what is keeping the band on the charts at this point, and many people are surprised that she hasn't left the band to start a solo career.
  5. Angela Gossow As the lead singer for the rock group Arch Enemy, Gossow is known for being the only female rocker to be able to use growling as her singing style. She also provides the voice for the character Lavona Succoboso in the animated series Metalocalypse.
  6. Melissa Etheridge. Etheridge has an ability to not only rock it out on the stage, but she can also tell a compelling story as she does it. She is the only artist on this list that has not only received Grammy Awards for her work, but she also received an Academy Award for best original song.
  7. Pink. Although Pink is topping the Pop music charts, she is really a female rocker at heart. Her pop-rock sound is earning her mainstream pop fans, but her voice and sound is more rock.
  8. Alanis Morrisette. Morrisette released her first album Jagged Little Pill in 1995. It is still to this day the best selling debut album by a female artist. She has since released an acoustic version of the album with continued success. Morisette is known for using her personal life in her lyrics.
  9. Cristina Scabbia. Scabbia is one of the lead vocalists from Lacuna Coil. The goth metal band was called Etheral when they first asked her to sing for them. She started out just singing back up for the band, but they liked her sound so much they made her a lead singer. She has also recorded with Megadeth.
  10. Beth Ditto. The lead singer of the band Gossip, Beth Ditto is a voice to be reckoned with. In 2006 NME awarded her the title of coolest person in rock. She likes to be known as a punk and is also known for being outspoken about body image.
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