10 Best Female Rock Songs 2010

Here is a compiled list of the 10 best female rock songs of 2010. A great breakthrough year, 2010 let female rockers shine brighter than ever. 

  1. "Crush Crush Crush". "Crush Crush Crush" was released by the band Paramore in 2010 and became an instant female revenge rock favorite.
  2. "Firework". Performed by Katy Perry, the song "Firework" is an inspirational rock hit that makes women all around jump up and scream. 
  3. "Alice". Performed by Avril Lavigne specifically for the "Alice in Wonderland" release in 2010, the song "Alice" took female rockers by storm by mixing Levigne's rebellious rock curve with the commercial film industry's "Alice in Wonderland."
  4. "Amy Says". The underground rock band, "Flyleaf" released a new album this year called "Remember to Live." Though the album itself hasn't got much recognition, the song "Amy Says" was a rock hit in 2010. 
  5. "My Dear." This Lady Gaga cover song was released by the band "New Years Day," turning a lame pop song into a well played rock song. 
  6. Skinny Little Bitch. The song "Skinny Little Bitch" was released by the band Hole in 2010, right after their band reunion. 
  7. "Just Wanna Have Fun". The song "Just Wanna Have Fun"  is from an up and coming band called Aloha from Hell. Aloha from Hell took female rockers by surprise when they hit the music industry out of nowhere. 
  8. "That's What You Get". Released by the band Paramore in 2010, the song "That's What You Get" instantly became a female rock hit. 
  9. "Scars". The song "Scars" is a hit single from the pop/rock star named Allison Iraheta, who became famous from being a runner up on the TV series "American Idol."
  10. "Heart Song". The song "Heart Song" was released by the band Automatic Love Letter in 2010. Though it is considered as an "underground" band, avid female rock lovers know the new song well. 



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