10 Best Female Singer Songwriters

In the world of music, finding the 10 best female singer songwriters is a difficult task. Depending on the definition you use for what a singer songwriter actually is, and your own personal taste, there are literally thousands of incredibly talented ladies to choose from. This list will deal mostly with the less than obvious choices, and will hopefully open up a brand new level of music knowledge for most people.

  1. Georgia Train. While relatively new to the scene, singer-songwriter Georgia Train, one half of the UK dark cabaret band Bitter Ruin, is already making waves. With great performances and inspired lyrics, she is set to make a mark. It doesn't hurt that she has one of the most powerful voices in music either.
  2. Kaki King. A great story in herself, Kaki King really worked from the bottom up to make it as a musician. She started by singing in the New York City subways before releasing her first album in 2002. Her style of finger-plucked guitar is very unique and also very good.
  3. KT Tunstall. Scottish born KT Tunstall broke into the mainstream music world in 2004 with some spirited live performances of her single at the time. Her live show definitely is something to write home about, as her use of a delay pedal is nearly masterful.
  4. Siouxsie Sioux. The voice that launched a thousand goth kids poor social lives, the titular Siouxsie of Siouxsie and the Banshees is a queen in her own right when it comes to post-punk discord.
  5. Kim Deal. A name every real hipster reading this should be well aware of, Kim Deal was one of the creative forces of the legendary Pixies. Her outspoken qualities come through in her lyrical content.
  6. Nina Nastasia. While not hugely well known, New York based singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia had created quite a niche for herself. With her six full length albums, she fields an ecclectic mix of huge orchestration based songs and stripped down introspective ones. She also was originally on Touch and Go Records, the same label as the Jesus Lizard.
  7. Tori Amos. Not much needs to be said about Tori Amos' stellar career and discography. She is an incredibly talented pianist who writes lyrics that reflect her status as the later inspiration for Neil Gaiman's "Delirium".
  8. Caithlin De Marrais. The bass player and lead vocalist for indie rock powerhouses Rainer Maria, Caithlin De Marrais and her soaring vocals and heartbreaking lyrics will always have a place in most 20-something's hearts.
  9. Annie Clark. Better known as St. Vincent, singer-songwriter Annie Clark has been getting some great attention lately thanks to powerful performances on the late night TV circuit. Like Kaki King, her guitar playing style is wholly unique and sets her high above most.
  10. Amanda Palmer. When she was still only one half of the Dresden Dolls, most people could tell Amanda Palmer was something special. Some of the most introspective, and still somehow entirely relatable, lyrics combined with a spark for performance most people could only wish for, it is no surprise that her fans are about two steps away from being in a cult.
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