10 Best Female Singers Of The ’80s

The '80s produced the best decade of music—and musicians—including these 10 best female singers of the '80s. Most music from the '80s still holds up pretty well with today's music lovers, effectively bridging the gap between two generations. When you think '80s, Michael Jackson or Prince probably comes to mind, but female singers of the '80s were just plain hot. These are the 10 Best Female Singers of the '80s.

  1. Taylor Dayne. Many songs of the era evoke a deeply nostalgic resonance to the 1980s, but Taylor Dayne's "Tell It To My Heart" seems to just shout '80s the second you hear its first few notes blast through speakers.
  2. Pat Benatar. Ms. Benatar endured throughout the entire decade. She was there at the start and she was there at the end. She is '80s music royalty.
  3. Whitney Houston. Whitney arrived at prominence at the midpoint of the decade with the release of her namesake album, and she has yet to leave.
  4. Cyndi Lauper. Come on now. Cyndi Lauper arranged the entire soundtrack for the '80s classic, "The Goonies." She even sang its most popular song, "The Goonies R Good Enough."
  5. Janet Jackson. Michael Jackson's sister. This is all that needs to be said.
  6. Gloria Estefan. She has been described as the Jennifer Lopez of the 1980s, which I guess is a fair analogy, but man, is Gloria Estefan hot or what?
  7. Sheena Easton. Sheena Easton sparked the public eye right away in 1980. Her song "9 to 5" from the film of the same name makes you want to cry wishing we were still back there now.
  8. Annie Lennox. Annie Lennox is one half of the singing duo, the Eurythmics. Just listen to "Sweet Dreams" and you will know why she is on this list.
  9. Paula Abdul. "Straight up now tell me, is it gonna be you and me together, oh oh oh…"   Enough said.
  10. Madonna. Some names are self explanatory. If the name Madonna doesn't help, then how about the titles "Like A Virgin," "Lucky Star," or "Material Girl?"
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