10 Best Female Solo Songs

Here are the 10 best female solo songs. There is no doubt that many of  the women listed below have all had many songs listed in the top ten spot of international music charts over the years.  Whether or not you agree that these singers belong in the list of the best female solo artists, you’ll have to admit that at some point you hummed along to every single one of the songs listed below.

  1. “I Will Always Love You” –  Whitney Houston.  It’s Whitney, need we say more?  Despite her recent troubles, in the late 80s and 90s, Ms. Houston ruled the airwaves and this one was the shot heard round the world. How could a best female solo song list exist without Whitney's name near the top?
  2. “My Heart Will Go On” –  Celine Dion.  At one point in the 90s, this French Canadian beauty not only had the top spots on music charts everywhere, it almost seemed as if she was hitting it every single week.  There's no question that this Oscar winner belongs on a 10 best female solo songs list.
  3. “People” –  Barbra Streisand.  La Streisand is a legend, pure and simple.  This singer/actress/director/force-to-be-reckoned-with could sing the Gettysburg Address and turn it into a Number 1 hit.
  4. “Hero” – Mariah Carey. This powerful tune touched the hearts of many back in 1993.  While Ms. Carey has had many hits, this is one of those that feels deeply personal to all who hear it.  When you think about it, nearly every song Mariah ever sang belongs on a best female solo songs list.
  5. “ I Dreamed a Dream” – Susan Boyle.  Some said it was a publicity stunt.  Homely, small-town Scottish hausfrau steps up to the mike.  Is this the Gong Show?  Is she going to get the hook?   The second Ms. Boyle opened her mouth, angels sung.  Publicity stunt or not, she had everybody’s mouth hanging open when she was done.  
  6. “Believe” – Cher.  You couldn’t go anywhere in 1998 without hearing “Do You Believe in Life After Love” by the uniquely distinctive Cher.  This one might not be your favorite, but really, there are just way too many to choose from.  Her voice may not be the most powerful you've ever heard, but there's something about it that gets you every time and gets her a spot on a list of best female solo songs.
  7. “Umbrella” –  Rihanna.  Love it or hate it, it was all over the place in 2007. “Umbrella, ella, ella, ella, hey, hey, hey….”  Even if you thought you hated it, every time you heard it, it stuck in your head. Admit it.
  8. “Vogue” –  Madonna. It’s a dance craze. No, it’s a song.  No, it’s a magazine.  It’s all three, but there isn’t anyone on the planet who doesn’t remember that video from the ever-reinventing Madonna.
  9. “Coming Out of the Dark”- Gloria Estefan.  Gloria Estefan had been in a horrific bus crash in 1990 and was critically injured.  After a year of recovery, she came back in full force with this beautiful song.
  10.  “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” – Shania Twain.  This one is just plain fun.  Not only did women everywhere play this song every chance they got, gay men everywhere loved to belt it out too!
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